Amici Calcei

Someone recently asked me where I met most of my guest bloggers.  A few of the people that have written for me are people that I have worked with, a couple are related to me and others are people that I met online mostly via Twitter.

In 140 characters these people grabbed my attention, made me want to find out more about them. There are stories everywhere as I have learned from them.  You can read more from them on their own blogs or Twitter streams and I suggest that you do.

Priscilla C-W doesn’t blog but she should.

Ev Cricket is a handy person to have around – one who makes things, understands electricity, likes birds, extreme gardening and then writes about it all here

Emlykd has been following her own path to fitness and vitality in an entirely Emily the Strange way in addition to studying to be a student midwife along the way.

Anne Galivan has a way of getting straight to the point which I appreciate a lot.  Anne is a sassy, shoe loving mum who is honest, passionate about homeschooling. Her homeschooling resource guide here

Gilfer aka Flaming Mongrel is quite deliciously off his chump but I love him, his non-sequiturs and his atmospheric photographic work.

JJ Ghatt makes me feel lazy.  This media and entertainment lawyer/fashionista based in Washington DC  has three kids and two blogs – the BellyItch Pregnancy/Parenting Blog and the Mischief Makers.

Victoria Hughes aka @firebirdasusual has a particularly pithy Northern turn of phrase which never fails to crack me up. Also we both have a penchant for burlesque corsets and heels. She is enjoying her travels and adventures in Sydney.

Aprilke is an actor who recently moved to Sydney. Her LifeSlightlyUsed blog is a scrapbook of inklings and imaginings.

Paul Kapiris also known as the Baby Lawyer has stopped wearing thongs to the office.

Geoff King aka @Fender4eva can be found around and about a lot of the time but never in the mornings.

Nicky Lavigne won’t mind if I tell you that she is trying to conceive a baby with the help of a sperm bank. She likes boots, nice nosh and yoga but not necessarily in that order.

Erica Lick writes for The Real Melbourne and elsewhere although mostly under a series of pseudonyms and strange disguises.

Nomes Messenger has wonderful shoes, excellent stockings and even better legs but this should not detract from the fact that she has fathomless depths and takes wonderful photographs.

Silvia (Muliercula) doesn’t write often at Penna Mulierculae but what she has written is well worth reading. Unless your name is Tony Abbott.

Kay Lam Macleod is a intellectual property and technology lawyer who has allegedly negotiated a number of high tech deals for her firm Idea Law in her flannel sheep pyjamas.

Damana Madden can only be described as a full time shoe lover, writer, geek diva, people observer and as yet untapped Sydney restaurant resource guide. She has extremely nice legs and a smile that would stop traffic.

Jennifer Love Monroe aka Barely Knit inspires me. She is the writer that I want to be some day.

Bern Morley for many reasons is justifiably one of the most popular bloggers in Australia. She regularly makes me laugh or cry. Sometimes both in the same post occasionally in the same sentence.

Rick M has reappeared and about time too.

Neverwhereland: an enigma with an eclectic music taste.

Not Drowning, Mothering writes one of the first blogs that I ever read and loved. She inspired me to start writing. She inspires me to keep going even though occasionally she compromises my pelvic floor.

Kristen Obaid could be considered odd but then so could I. Perhaps this is why we get on.

Ally Paolino-Duffy keeps me sane. She always has done. Her blog is a bright patchwork quilt of family warmth, honesty and self-awareness.

If you are ever lucky enough to get Nomie as teacher for your kids let me know.  I’d be prepared to move to Melbourne just to for this purpose and to ask: “Is it Wine O’Clock yet?

It never occurred to me that I would lust after a boy’s shoes. Until I met Christopher Phillips. Keep up to date with his shoe collection here.

Angela Pinjuh rocks. She doesn’t wear Haviainas quite as much as she would have you believe.

Red. On Purpose consistently reminds me:  ‘Don’t be Beige’.

Jonquil Rensen-Wallace aka @princessnowhere likes shoes. Is not keen on some other things.

SeraphimSP is really not that keen on shoes. Handbags on the other hand…

Siouxsie Law writes about law, shoes, music, fashion and the macabre over at Siouxsie Law, simply the best legal blog there has ever been.  She is a litigator and also a goth.  She blogs about stuff that is spooky and/or legal, and anything else that she feels like writing about.

Snarkattack defies categorisation: a poet, a food lover, a vermicious knid of books, someone who knows her beer and many other things beside. Everyone should have a Gem in their lives.

Soshoemi A fabulous lady lawyer and kindred spirit who loves shoes. We are in an office near you, nefariously and quietly plotting world domination and an end to boring professional attire and footwear.

SquigglyRick he was there, then he wasn’t and now he is again. One of the best people to follow on Twitter or into a haunted house or anywhere really.

Thea aka @TheaTweets has been asking for a year Do I really wanna blog? I think that the answer is a definite yes.

Tweetiebard may be hard to find but when you do he is worth hanging out with/on to not least because he knows good swear words in many different languages. He also writes poetry and dadaist recipes.

Cheryl Anne Wischover is a really, REALLY stylish chick.  She writes about style stylishly when she is not saving lives.

Alison Young a Fluevog lover, Paisley buddy, ex-pat Scot living in Australia, lawyer, criminologist, film and street art expert lives in Melbourne. She is rumoured to have once given her last Jaffa Cake to Banksy. Her blog Images to Live By is a must read.

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