About Shoes and Yoga

Once upon a time I blogged as Law and Shoes. Then after a while it become apparent that I was in the wrong profession.

It only took me 25 years to realise this. I am a cautious decision maker.

Firefly Pose (Tittibhasana)

In yoga classes I remind myself that my drishti, or gaze, should be in the direction that I hope to travel literally and metaphorically.  Accordingly in February 2012 I locked up the shoe cupboard over at Law and Shoes and moved the whole contents over here.  Yoga and Shoes was an awkward fit – I am not fond of two lower case letter ‘a’s side by side – Shoes and Yoga made more sense to me as a title and as a philosophy. After all shoes made me feel better about myself long before I discovered yoga.

In this blog I try to balance my love of material things with my love of ethereal things.

To pay for my shoes I work part time as a Pilates Instructor, part time as a social media co-ordinator (or professional Twit for want of a better word). One day I hope to be able to make a living entirely from teaching yoga.


The best post to start reading to bring you up to the presently present is:

Anatomy of A Sea Change

And then I would suggest that you have a wee keek at

When in Doubt Grab a Brown Umbrella

If you want to follow the mass hordes the most popular post as determined  visitors to this blog is not, contrary to my husband’s expectations, the  one featuring my ample posterior but the one with lots and lots of leopard print.

The post on female politicians’ shoes though a little long in the tooth now still goes down quite well. I reckon that that is because I shamelessly exploited both Edwina Currie and Margaret Thatcher as sex objects.

Contact Me

If you are interested in contacting me you can email me: caveatcalcei (at) gmail (dot) com or find me on

Twitter Caveat Calcei aka @Gabfran on Twitter






7 thoughts on “About Shoes and Yoga

    • It makes a change from blogs from lawyers who love themselves. There are plenty of them around 😀 I reckon that the Latin will either make them turn up to correct me or put them off completely. Let’s see xxx

  1. No mummy advice? However will we cope?

    Happy to find your blog, lovely idea mixing shoes and the law. I’ve never dreamt about shoes, but I have bought, and preserved, pairs that don’t fit me simply because they’re too pretty not to.

    • Without my advice – extremely well, trust me. The Noisy Boy uses swear words for punctuation & has a thing for high heeled purple boots. See Shoe of the Week post to follow 🙂

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