Not all those who wander are lost

You’ve taken the long way around the houses

a friend of my father said to me about 25 years ago.

At that time I had left the legal profession to go teach law at University. I didn’t realise, as I slowly started to enjoy life again, that it was teaching I loved – not law.

Now it has been two years since I walked away. This was the post that I wrote about walking away.

I have reached a destination of sorts.

If you want to join me on the path, you will be most welcome to share my sandwiches.

Core Factory - Yoga and Pilates

Core Factory – Yoga and Pilates

9 thoughts on “Not all those who wander are lost

  1. “Happiness is a journey, not a destination” 🙂 that came to my mind! It’s the path – or the pathS you take, and in between you will live happy moments! I am very glad you took the path that makes you happy! Isn’t life about that? Or should be? Sincerely happy for you, and your picture is greeeat! denisesplanet com

    • The journey is the most important part and we do keep travelling – thank you Denise for being such a loyal reader of this blog. I smile every time I read one of your comments. Everything that you write is full of heart x

  2. Mmm… I think you are only on facebook now… I must confess, not my favourite channel (had some bad experiences there), but I will try to “see” you there! Hope you are fine!

  3. I wish you a great new year, and congratulations for the Core Factory! I sweat I will enter facebook one day 🙂 One f my resolutions (if I have any 🙂 I have denisesplanet there, but seldom enter… as I said, one day 🙂 Just wanted to wish you a great year!

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