Och honestly – enough with the acne already

Once upon a time a LONG time ago I looked forward to getting old.

I looked forward to getting old not because I could yell at people in public and hit them with things.

I looked forward to getting old not because I could pretend not to hear things I didn’t want to hear.

I looked forward to getting old not because I could wear leopard print and fire engine red lips with complete and utter lack of irony.

I looked forward to getting old because no longer would I suffer the indignity of (miscellaneously):






In my youth I took every known cure for acne known to teen-woman. Oxy this and that. The contraceptive pill (and that was A Big Mistake). The months and months of Oxytetracycline which finally knocked the whiteheads on the head.

Nowadays you can blame me and my spots for the prevalence of superbugs.

For a while in my twenties I was pimple free. Then in my late thirties I had children. The bitter irony of childbirth that was not only was I twenty years too old to be giving birth in the first place (a fact I feel keenly every day) but my plukes reappeared. Quite ferociously in fact.

Now and again I will go out and spend a lot of money on zit cream and.or wodges of skin care regimen products. These usually work for a couple of months and then not so much thereafter.

Today when I woke up I had face spots, shoulder spots, back acne and (horror) bum spots.

Enough is enough – I thought to myself.

Today I went back to basics. A homemade salt shower scrub with lavender and tea tree oils followed by a trip to the pharmacy to buy all these things.


Let’s hope they work because let’s face it – being a pensioner with pustules would be weird, right?

16 thoughts on “Och honestly – enough with the acne already

  1. I have never really had pimples or acne ever. Not sure why. My siblings did. I just didn’t. Maybe it is a fat girl thing but only when I had a sugar hit, would I develop the largest zit on earth. Then it would pop and disappear. As an adult, I haven’t thought of this for decades until reading this or hearing a friend complain.

    I have always believed that drinking a ton of water and sweating a lot gets rid of skin impurities but this is based in nothing really.

    In the end, it is all natural and I think we notice it more than others do.

    Like your home made remedy. Hate those awful shopping channel commercials that promise teenagers that they will look like some Disney child who has grown in to an alcoholic antisocial gate crashing adult with bad skin.

    Point is, you are beautiful. So is your skin. Don’t fret.

    • Och you. You are such a good pal. Also you are not fat. Also you are right about the water. Also also you have amazing skin. Also also also – congratulations on the London fabulousness again x

      • Thank you. I love your blog. It may be the honesty or the personality that shines through or the raw critique from someone who is very beautiful but feels are brittle as the rest of us, sometimes.

  2. Was thinking similarly today, except my big issue right now is raised skin spots due to exfoliation (or lack thereof). I think we’re meant to bathe in naturally ionised water bodies (ocean or river) & scrub ourselves clean with the sand. Not sure the “alternatives” are working.
    Maybe there are new toxins we can’t deal with in the air, the water or our food at the moment… Or maybe we’re not “releasing” things as thoroughly as we should (my last bout of chest plukes was definitely symptomatic of a heart chakra blockage – I worked hard on clearing that for weeks & the spots immediately disappeared). I did also bring bottles of sand & salt water home from the beach & scrubbed with them in the shower… So I reckon you’re onto something with trying ye olde cures too, like witch hazel, salt, tea tree oil, ground coffee (externally), pure alcohol etc.

    • I tried your theory about sunshine, sea salt and sand.

      Worked on my shoe wounds. Not so sure about elsewhere but I believe you. The closer we get to nature the more likely we are to find a balanced solution.

  3. I hope it works! A friend of mine has the same problem, she is 35. And a little daughter. She tried Roacutanne (or so) and stopped, but her doctor said it is very good for skin. Seems it has side effects, though… I really hope your treatment works now – your pictures always show you with great skin, how come you have some pimples? Never saw them!

    • I have heard of that acne cure – I believe that it makes you ridiculously photosensitive though? Not a good idea here in the harsh Aussie sun.

      Great skin?? I guess I must be better with the Photoshop than I realised.

      All is good with you? No scary stalkers…

  4. I could never understand why I was still getting pimples into my thirties either (and similarly railing against the injustice of it all). But I eventually figured out it was triggered by preservatives in processed meat. Yup, that simple. I am now both bacon free, and pimple free (well mostly, except when I lapse and have a ham sandwich or something at a sausage sizzle). The good news is that smoked salmon is ok. 🙂

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