As FABruary cedes into a March a new style dare arises


Last Friday I started in on another month of Style Challenges via Ms Andrea Z aka Fox in Flats.

“Are you finished with all those Instagram fashion photos?” a friend asked over pad thai and nice NZ white wine in Como.

“Well, yes and no” I said, plunging something finger shaped deep fried and yummy into a plum n ginger dipping sauce “I have finished Fabruary and am now working my way through the March style challenge”.

“Oh” my friend said. ‘

“If you are over the whole selfie sharing thing, I understand” I say “after all, I spend a lot of time in between Darlinghurst and Surry Hills pointing my mobile at myself while people point and whisper loudly … Instagramer”.

So rather than bung up my social media feeds with photies I have decided to:

– blog each week of my March Style Challenge photos on a Sunday here


– post photos daily on Instagram (as shoesandyoga).

There are HEAPS of shoe challenges this month (happy dance in stilettos).

Screen Shot 2013-03-03 at 9.08.23 PM

If you want to join in (it makes getting dressed daily a mindful act of creativity) either take a photo and tag it as #foxinflatsstyledare on Instagram or like Fox in Flats on Facebook 

To wrap up the rest of FABruary I have prepared a bijou galleriette of images as follows:

2 thoughts on “As FABruary cedes into a March a new style dare arises

  1. Back! After nearly 2 months barely using the computer. I got a nasty stalker and decided to change my address. Now I have a new blog, I’m enjoying it!
    Loved all your pictures, but the 2nd is my favorite! I would love to take part in March, but I guess it’s too late. Will look for her challenge in April so!
    Hope you are having a great time!

    • Welcome back Denise!

      What? A stalker… bloody hell. Are you okay?!

      I shall pop over and have a look at your new blog and growl at anyone who looks sideways at you 😉

      It is not too late to join in! Just copy the Style dare graphic (or print it off) and start snapping. Fox in Flats is on Instagram or you can follow her on Facebook and share photos to her wall or blog and paste a link to your blog there. All welcome and Andrea will be chuffed to have you x

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