Dressember 2012 Roundup


How on earth did I come to be doing two dress up challenges in one December (DAREcember and Dressember)?

The obvious answers are that I have:

  • too many clothes
  • too much time on my hands
  • a complete lack of embarassment in relation taking ridiculous selfies in public places.

Note to Fashion Bloggers in Sydney: Don’t take pictures of yourself anywhere near Oxford Street. You will be inundated with curious gazes and offers of help. This IS embarassing. 

The unobvious answer is that I started off dressing up to go to two particular parties in the same month and found myself at a completely different one entirely.

Let’s move the bits of the story around. It may make the telling easier.

The Middle

Here are the dresses that I wore from 1 December to 31 December this year (inclusive) with a few missing days due to terrible gastro:

The Beginning

About a year ago I determined after reading about Dressember via Forever Amber aka Shoeperwoman. I didn’t do the Shoe Challenge this year and I felt a bit sad about that. I decided that after the collective blechness of the last year a month of dress saving was not only do-able but necessary to restore my faith in my ability not to feel like I was 102 years old any more.

This coincided with me toddling over to Instagram to hang with all the other bloggers. I searched on IG for ‘dressember’ found Blythe Hill and off I went.

Dressember - About

The End

I realised today when I visited Forever Amber to get a link for this post that Blythe’s Dressember is not the same Dressember that Amber was blogging about. Amber’s Dressember is this one.

Dressember on Facebook

Not that it matters because a dress is a dress is a dress and I met a lot of other bloggers as a result.

So my answers to Blythe’s questions (see the box above) are as follows:

1.  When and how did you hear about Dressember?

Last December – see The End above.

2.  When did you join in?

December 1, 2012.

3.  What has your experience been so far?

Good Things…

Wearing dresses is much, much easier than trying to deal with separates particularly in the baffling Sydney summer weather. It can be 22 degrees, overcast and humid one day, 34 degrees and overcast and humid the next day, 29 degrees with clear blue skies and ocean breezes the next. You can probably see from the range of dresses that I am wearing just how changeable the weather is here.

Using Instagram was a great tool and reminder for me to take photos and catalogue them.

Bad Thing…

Having gastro half way through the month kicked me in the arse a bit (literally) and I didn’t get to wear a dress every day so theoretically I failed Dressember.

Excellent Thing ...

The kids loved seeing me all dolled up though. There was nothing better than walking down the hallway to have them smile up at me and say:

You look beautiful Mummy‘.

That is all win x

Now who has the next challenge for me?

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