Teaching a Downward Dog New Tricks – bye bye 2012


Sparkles for DAREcember Day 31

As our son told us frequently and fervently when he was a toddler:

It’s always good to try new things.

It was a mantra that we used to encourage him to eat stuff other than Heinz Little Kids Ravioli and hot chips.  The Fussy Eater Stage in his case lasted from age 18 months until last year. Now he tries just about anything*. Mostly. (*Anything includes bowls of hot chilli dipping sauce and just about any kind of fish. Excludes bread other than white bread.)

Bearing in mind how long it took my son 4 years to get over the Square Pasta Diet, I am always a wee bit more accepting of how long it took me to figure out that things were awry in my life.

Only 20 years to realise that being a lawyer wasn’t working for me.

Only 2 years to re-learn to walk in 5 inch heels after years of wearing comfy flatties.

Only 12 years to transition from occasional yogi trying to get nice muscle defintion to someone who goes to the mat to be at peace, to shed what no longer serves me.

We can always learn something new.

So long 2012. I got what I could from you. Let’s see what I can learn in 2013.


|Vintage Beaded Silk Dress: Lins| Blue Necklace: Indian Cottage Emporium| Sandals: Le Silla|

Bliadhna mhath ur! /Happy New Year!

PS Will be sticking up omnibus posts over the next few days with all DAREcember items and Dressember outfits.

10 thoughts on “Teaching a Downward Dog New Tricks – bye bye 2012

  1. Um, is that dress legal?

    You, my brave friend who escaped a profession that was doing you damage, are an inspiration to me.

    Let the mat give you peace as we face 2013 head on. X

    K xxx

  2. I’d like some peace & a reason to get out of bed in the early AMs… Can you recommend any beginners yoga YouTube or free podcasts I can access on iPhone? x

    • Yoga and pilates combined in my case but most of the yogis I know have spiffing physiques – curves and muscles.

      Do encourage her to find a class locally – it may transform not just her body but her attitude to life, love, the universe and everything in between 🙂

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