A flag, a shield, a bit of armour

We all hide behind something don’t we?

Personally I love hiding behind hats – hats get a huge amount of attention and by wearing a hat one is but an accessory to an accessory. This can be a nice anonymous place to be sometimes.

Vintage Hat - Adolfo Realites, NY

If there are arguments in this house (and there are a few) they revolve around who is responsible for mess, the accumulation of bits and pieces of things, and why such things are being left in the middle of floors, in the corners of rooms, as booby traps inside sliding wardrobe doors.

We attack in others the qualities we dislike most in ourselves.

No doubt I find that the accumulation of large quantities of stuff abhorrent is because I am an irrepressible hoarder.

My closet is full of dresses from size 6 to size 12, you know just in case I put on all that weight again that I lost 10 years ago oh and and there is a 90s revival just at the point that I do.

Throw out those shoes? Are you mental? There is a place in Redfern that my friend SoShoemi says will fix ANYTHING.

It is easy to hide behind yelling at other people when I have clutter up the bahookey.

So today again I have spent listing bulk lots of corporate clothing on eBay. The wrap dress that the women in the office always cooed over – “It’s soooo flattering!” I remember them saying in a way that suggested that everything else I wore made me look like mutton dressed as spam.


Flattering in this context therefore, to me, meant conservative and not revealing of inappropriate amounts of butt curves or leg length and so on and so forth. No doubt they all meant well. Now I shall free this dress for someone else who has corporate colleagues to please.

The eBay descriptions took some time to write today – probably more time than this blog will take me to write. However I believe now that I have no need to hide behind the past or behind anything really any more.

Won’t it be nice too to open a wardrobe door without the risk of brain damage? 😉


Vintage Hat Day 30 DAREcember: Adolfo Realites NY | Dress for Day 30 Dressember: Magali Pascal 

8 thoughts on “A flag, a shield, a bit of armour

  1. Spectacular dress & hat combo! And Shoshoemi is right, Roger at Redfern fixes *every* kind of broken shoe & hardly charges anything (& if I take a whole boot load he holds on to them til I can afford to pay)… Let me know if you need to borrow my car boot some time 😉

      • My bestie Leah has visited Roger every week for 15 years… But I think the old guy is involved w shoes bc he secretly loves any chance to see beautiful well dressed women 😉 Would be my pleasure to intro you, meet me in Redfern w shoes & we’ll do coffee one weekday? x

      • *Loads* of shoes… L never had a car, lived in KX & worked past Central… so would walk the distance from Redfern to Circular Quay more than twice a day, plus weekend adventures & overseas holiday walking. SMS me a date when you know one, i’ve got 5 x pairs to take to Roger myself 🙂 x

  2. Don’t you look so vinty and stunning. Beautiful 12/30 picture but what year is it? How much weight did you lose ten yrs ago? Im deff going to need some motivation sfter this holidsy season. Have a great New Year.
    L O

    • Welcome back – it has been a while hasn’t it?

      I lost about 10 kilos Lo – took me two years to lose it. Got quicker to lose weight after both kids but let’s face it, staying fit and healthy is a lifelong sentence isn’t it?

      Happy New Year to you when it comes. Take up yoga …

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