‘‘Who wears pigtails still?’’


The whole point of a style dare is to get you to look at what you do, how you dress in a different way.

I have loved all the DAREcember challenges so far, the ones that I have completed anyway.

But honestly – how many 46 year old women can get away with wearing pigtails? Especially when they have really short hair.

I was prepared to give it a go.

Here is my go:


Yes, I look completely daft. I couldn’t help but think that I looked like an ageing porn star trying to look 20 years younger for a spanking video.

You look like Bjork” my husband said kindly. Kindly enough to make me think that I could make it to our friend’s house for dinner looking like this.


Crocheted Cardigan: Jigsaw | Yellow Silk Dress: Razak | Shoes: Betsey Johnson gifted by Ychelle Zhang

I got as far as the driveway.

This is a bit of a big floppy fail for me this DAREcember day challenge.

8 thoughts on “‘‘Who wears pigtails still?’’

  1. I failed this one too!! Ridiculous Shrek style top knots. Which I wore as far as the backyard, took a ridiculous shot, then pulled them out. It was still fun, though. Gave the kids a laugh 🙂

  2. The high pigtail is very difficult to pull off unless you are an infant, a small Asian girl, or, indeed, Bjørk. Bless your cotton socks for giving it a whirl though! I do love this idea of branching out and trying new thing; who knows what one may discover! PS: I adore those shoes….

    • I really wanted to pike before I started – hair braiding etc reminds me of my Bo Derek experiment. That got me chatted up by a lot of big scary looking African-American chaps. I also had a sort of mini-twists all over the head episode that got me equal attention from Hispanic men.

      I think I might stand firm with my conservative middle aged caramel blonde short bob for a while to recover 🙂

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