The bosom can ache beneath diamond brooches

Darecember/Dressember Day 5

Darecember/Dressember Day 5

A long time ago, long before I had too many pairs of shoes and equally too many grey hairs I collected costume jewellery.

The Victorian Village in Glasgow was a slightly shabby Mecca for students like me seeking style for a steal. I wore resin hat pins as lapel pins, threaded them through my snarly backcombed Eighties hair. Grabbed tailcoats and wore them with leggings and boot and motheaten lacy camisoles. I was a downmarket Helena Bonham Carter sartorially speaking for most of my uni years.

Things haven’t changed much except that nowadays I sporadically and somewhat unenthusiastically thrift, eBay and Etsy for eclectic pieces of metal that will sparkle and occasionally start a conversation for me when I am too shy to do so myself.

There are only three people in this world I trust to buy me jewellery sight unseen – my husband, my mother and my dad.

My mum and dad bought me a curly dragon brooch one Christmas about twenty years ago. He’s a chunky wee soul and missing part of his clasp.


He is looking good despite his injuries although I did have to hook the clasp through the fabric of my dress and the inner boob part of my bra.

There he nestled. He’s as shy as I am despite his visual brashness.

Appearances can be deceiving.

Day 5 Dressember/Darecember

Dress by Lulu and Red last worn here. It is painful for me to look back at that post now given what has transpired since then until now. On the balance though I believe that, like a snake, I had to struggle out of my skin and the folk who caused so much hurt last year were a necessary part of that struggling transformation.

Shoes – Fluevog Hepburn D’Orsay Pumps – last worn here.

Dragon Brooch and Necklace gifts from my parents.

Tomorrow’s Darecember Dare: Boots…in summer

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