On your own head be it…

DAREcember Day 4.

The challenge…


Easy stuff.

I am myopic with no prescription sunnies. I have bad hair days in summer even with short, short hair.

Meet Kangol paper fedora – my new best friend.


Also the weather is still up to the usual early summer jiggery pokery. Take that – squeals the weather elf as she throws out a shaft of hot lunchtime sun and then pulls it back in in the early evening. Just as I start consider chucking on the flannel jammies (such an enticing peignoir) the heat grabs at the corners of the evening and digs in its wee nails.

So for a dress I play the conservative card, the safe card, the no one wil look at me funny card.

I bunged on a maxi dress.


A maxi dress is a good mix between –

Hallo sunshine my old friend…


Crivens, I need to get the toe nails polished pronto.

Brooches tomorrow.


Bloggy Bits n Pieces

Dress gifted by Ms Kristen Obaid

Shoes (not seen)  – old Prada kitten heel mules.

Kangol Hat – Ozsale.com.au Warehouse Sale ($15)

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