How to Tie A Scarf (and other First World Problems)

Day 2 of Darecember brought with it the challenge of scarf wearing.

Once upon a time, a long time ago when I was (speaks into collarbone) a mwfffmwahhmffmmmm I had a lot of scarves and I wore them. Not so much now.


The scarf that I chose is one that my aunt and uncle in NY a wee while ago. It was made in India, of maroon silk with various silk ribbons threaded through it. It is long enough to wrap around as a skirt.

I tried wearing it as a sort of bolero.

I tried tossing it round my neck insouciantly.

I swore A LOT.

Finally I decided that the best thing to do was to wear it as a sort of fabric necklace and tried not to think too long and hard about the role that a long scarf played in the death of Isadora Duncan.


The List of Things Worn

Scarf gifted by Robert Aaronson & Nancy Gropper

Velvet Dress by Onyx via Ozsale

Peep toe pumps by Roberto Vianni last blogged about here

Stockings – Pretty Polly via my beloved

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