A Tale of Dark Denim, a Lycra Leopard and the Crane

From 38 degrees on the first day of December down to 24 degrees on the second – Sydney summers roundhouse kick my butt every single frigging year…

Picture 16

The weather yesterday…

Yesterday the sweat coursed down the back of my legs – today my legs are encased in leopard print tights to thwart the wind that is whistling around them (tights gifted to me by my friend Miss Nomes Messenger) and I am wearing a dark denim dress for Day 2 Darecember (Denim Dare)/Dressember 2012.

The kids are very excited by the dress wearing.

Mum when are you putting the dress on?‘ they clamour as soon as I stagger in the house wearing my pilates teacher uniform of black Lorna Jane compression leggings and a black Metallicus singlet.

I get changed.

Dear God‘ my husband says on first sighting of the leopard print tights. ‘Erm, interesting look‘ he follows on. Then ‘you look like a character from the Chronicles of Narnia. Would you like me to take some photos?’

And he did.

Denim Dare - Dark Denim Esprit Dressl

Denim Dare – Dark Denim Esprit Dress

As I type this post, he takes a further look at my leopard clad legs. ‘Those are growing on me‘ he says.

Tomorrow the Dare is scarves

Meantime, I received an email from the lovely people at Yoga Pose Weekly. The asana of the week this week is Bakasana (Crane Pose). They happened across my Anatomy of A Sea Change post from last year and invited me to submit this photograph:

Bakasana - Crane Pose

I like Yoga Pose Weekly for heaps of reasons not least their manifesto of fun…

Picture 17

there are way too many yogis out there with poles up their arses.

If you like my photo I would be absolutely over the moon if you could HEART and LIKE it on their site.

To show me some love click here

Also, if you are looking for some real yogis enjoying life and bendiness take some time to trawl through their gallery here or through their excellent Facebook profile page.


The Gory Details:

Dress: Dark Denim Dress by Esprit via eBay

Coin Belt: Circa the 80s via eBay

Shoes: Tony Bianco Gold Peeptoe Stilettos via eBay

Tony Bianco Peeptoe Gold Stilettos

Leopard Print Tights: Gifted by Nomes.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Dark Denim, a Lycra Leopard and the Crane

  1. Loved the dress, I love denim! Leopard print is very nice – I never dared to wear more than shoes or a bag with the print, but now I may think of other ways!
    I just clicked on the “pose” page, hope I did it right, in the end it showed me a heart with number 5 – I guess 5 liked it – I certainly loooved it, wish I could do that!

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