Dressember/Darecember Day 1 – Hot Pink Lippie and Leopard Print

Day 1 – Hot Pink Lippie and Leopard Print

My husband once suggested to me that my blog visitor stats would soar if I put up a picture of my arse. I did and it did not make a blind bit of difference dear readers.

The best selling blog post to date is this one 

There are people out there who quietly love leopard print. These people find their way to this blog in droves.

To those quiet droves looking for their next animal print fix I have a treat for you!  Not only did I wear a White Suede tiger print silk dress today…

Picture 8

Dressember 2012 – Day 1: Tiger Print White Suede Silk Dress

I also chucked on a pair of totally mismatching leopard print pony skin platform sandals with pink suede soles.

Picture 12

Michael Antonio Pony Skin Leopard Print Platform Mules with Pink Suede Soles

Animal print overload.

Not content with this I ignored my internal 80s avoidance-ometer and matched the whole lot with…

Picture 13

Tiger Print White Suede Strappy Dress with Hot Pink Lippie

Hot pink Lancome lippy.

I felt that I had to explain the lipstick colour to everyone I met…go figure.

Tomorrow’s Dare/Dress Combo?




For more information on Dressember click here

For more information on Darecember click here

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