My Big Arse & Other Oddly Endearing Bits – I Heart my Body 2012

If it were not for some things about my body other things might make people think that I was a boy in drag.

The first time I trotted into Confession I rattled into my pre-prepared speech. “Bless me Father for I have sinned. This is my FIRST confession and these are my sins..

Ah, you are a little American boy” the Irish priest crooned through the mesh.

I AM NOT A BOY” I spurted with my usual little girl decorum.

A little American girl then?” He is tentative, on guard.

I am not American although Z for me will never be ‘zed‘ but ‘zee‘.

It was always easy for me to phone boyfriends at school and university. Their mums did not suspect that I was anything other than an adolescent boy.

Deep voice. Little breasts. Big butt. High Heels. To this day I am kind of a chimera – a hybrid half female half something else entirely.

It is an odd little body but I have been living in it in for 46 years now so we are accustomed to each other now.

Here are my arms.

My muscly hairy girl arms

People stare at my arms. The deltoids are defined and when I demonstrate Pilates arm exercises the ligaments rustle underneath the skin like a werewolf mid-transmogrification.

These are warrior arms – arms with hair and muscles and sinews.

My ex-boss frequently suggested that I get the hair lasered. I equally countered that if my arm hair offended her and she was prepared to pay for laser hair removal I would happily commit to a course of depilation.

My arms are still hairy.

Here is my waist.

The Beach – a place to reflect on Pilates Cues of all kinds (class members take note during scapular placement)

For some reason at an early age I became a bit obsessed with tiny waists. I had a collection of wide belts that I progressing tightened until, more often than not, the leather snapped or wore clean through. Fast forward 20 years and suddenly steel boned corsetry is back in vogue. Through the magic of a beautiful waist training device I can shave anywhere between 4 and 6 inches off my usual waist size.

Puimond Corset

The only thing that prevented me spending $500 plus on this Puimond corset from Baby Likes to Pony two years ago was that I can guarantee that until the children are teenagers I won’t get enough nights out to burlesque/fetish events to justify the expense.

Hang on… I can hear collective murmurs out there. You are a yoga enthusiast, a Pilates instructor, a modern woman, a mother. Why wear a corset?

Have you ever worn one? Have you ever tried breathing in one? Walking around in one? If you have not, do try. If you have you will appreciate that a good corset will keep your spine in alignment and will force you to breathe laterally and posterially. Pilates breathing is a posterior lateral breathing – when you inhale you breathe deep into the back and sides of your rib cage. When you exhale you engage deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and maintain this engagement throughout the sequence of exercise. To help my mat class members experience this concept I have brought one of my leather corsets along to strap people into.

Lastly but not leastly I would like to doff my cap to my big, beautiful backside. It snagged me my first serious boyfriend. When I say this I mean that I was serious about him but the converse was not true. His nickname at school was Bumface. Perhaps it was kismet that he would break my heart.

At university, I used to walk up the stairs two at time to the law school library. This, I reasoned, would justify a restorative pint later. Often I wondered why I could hear footsteps behind me but no one ever rushed past to overtake. One drunken evening one of my friends told me that her brother and his friends used to follow me up the stairs to stare at my arse. I suppose I should have been flattered but wondered why none of them ever asked me out. Perhaps like my arms, my arse is just a wee bit scary.

My husband does not have a problem with the booty. I hope that you do not have a problem with the booty. If you do I am sure that there are other blogs to read.

Here is my big butt:

And just in case I haven’t offended anyone quite enough yet…

Please take a moment to visit

If you can, do drop in to read and comment on some of the posts by other contributors, including this one written by my legal blogging pal Kathryn Hodges.

16 thoughts on “My Big Arse & Other Oddly Endearing Bits – I Heart my Body 2012

  1. Oh lovely,
    You are exquisite.
    I love that we can be given a topic, and create such different ways to express ourselves and share our stories.

    Your body is a statement of amazing.

    And I am ready to Shake my Ass and show you what I’m working with 🙂
    K xxx

  2. “I like big butts & I cannot lie” (remixed by the movies, including John Travolta, Brad Pitt, Robin Williams… If we have to have one large womanly item, I think butts serve better than breasts. At least a few stairs & leg lifts helps keep them where they’re meant to be.
    Miss4 keeps asking me to do up her dress bow ties & belts ridiculously tight… So I think she enjoys posterior lateral breathing – it’s a useful skill for asthmatics.
    Cool post, thanks for giving me a reason to get out of bed this AM xox

  3. About the only thing I envy about women with kids is that they seem to have completely accepted their bodies. I certainly have not and without any plans to spawn, I have to work on building a healthy view of myself or at least a non-destructive body dysmorphia.

    I read a great article in a mental health journal that suggested that you look at your face and body in a mirror every day for 3 months and record one word and a score out of ten for how you see yourself. They also suggested recording your menstruation cycle and hours of sleep the previous night at the same time. When I did this, I noticed that there was a definite cause and effect to how I saw myself and how I felt about my reflection.

    It also shows that what we think about ourselves comes more from within than extrinsic factors.

    As for me, I like most of me accept by upper arms and tummy. I figure I’m stuck with me so I may as well like the situation. Even my tummy comes is handy when someone needs a volunteer to dress as Santa Claus. The upper arms may one day be used as sails if I’m stuck at sea and need a raft.

    The girl with the pretty face.

  4. Was out of internet for a good while – chaotic life again, when I am in the UK!
    But I didn’t forget you and your blog – and I loved this post, as usual!
    I used to have problems with my body – critical friends, critical family. Big breasts, hourglass figure when it was not fashionable like in old movies (Sophia Loren and company), big rear too – and I am short. Arms like a sumo player and calves shaped by years of rollerskating. But now, you know what? I love my breats and the rest. OK, I would love to have arms like yours, and calves a bit less muscular, but… and then? I started seeing, after my losses (you know what I mean), that big breats are not the end of the world. There are more important things. For sure.
    Having said that I think you are beautiful, on the inside and on the outside! Amazing breats, amazing rear, amazing legs! And an amazing attitude towards life! You are great and you always write things that are an enrichment to your readers! Thanks once more for a briliant post!

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