Big Boobs – have em, want em?

For most of my life up until I had children, I wasted an ridiculous amounts of time overcoming a loathing of my own body.  My individual body parts were either too big, too small, too hairy, a weird shape or smell.  Call me the Goldilocks of Self-Image and I expect that many other women would rock up to claim joint ownership of the Crown of  Thorns.

It occurred to me yesterday morning as I got dressed that I would have to put a bra on for no other reason than that I was wearing a white tight top.  While I don’t have an issue with presenting my unsupported breasts to the world, it occurred to me that someone else might. So I self censored my body in a way to save me, and possibly my son who is being picked on, the worry and concern of drawing my 32 B boobs to someone’s attention.

That then lead me to wonder – for women with large breasts the non-bra wearing issue is more than a sartorial hot potato. What on earth do you do with large breasts?

My double sided question topic for today is this …

Big boobs.

What do you do with them  if you have them? What would you do with them if you don’t but suddenly acquired them?  

8 thoughts on “Big Boobs – have em, want em?

  1. Mine have fluctuated from a C to an F since I was 19 or 20 (before that I was an A-B). At the moment, because I’m pregnant, they’re at the largest they’ve been since I was establishing breastfeeding with my now 6yo. They are heavy. They need to be supported even in bed (though not as much now as I can’t roll over while asleep). I cannot go out without a bra because they bounce and get in the way. My maternity bras are all a size too small now, but they still (just) keep them under control. They draw a lot of attention, but they drew a lot of attention anyway, even at the C-D size. The one saving grace is that the belly draws slightly more attention at the moment. Then in two months, I’m hoping the baby will. I don’t mind being looked at, but it can get wearing sometimes, especially if it’s accompanied by leering and lewd comments.

    • This may be a question that I am going to regret asking but .. what kind of lewd & leering comments do you get & from whom? Does it affect your self-confidence in certain situations or not?

  2. At school, big boobs were a drawcard 🙂 then as they just kept getting bigger, it got annoying to have guys trying to cop a feel, or staring in the street. Now I’m around a G/H and after breastfeeding 2 kids, they’re not up where they used to be! (reminds me of this scene
    Clothes wise, I avoid button up shirts, usually wear stretchy fabrics. I have to be careful with dresses because I’m either falling out of them or flattened like a giant monoboob pancake. A good bra is a must and I must say I’m So. Sick. Of. White. Bras.
    On the positive side, my husband loves them, they’ve fed my children, they’re a good cushion for a cuddle and sometimes they look just right.

    • Funnily enough I found that after I used mine for what they were intended for I had a LOT more respect for them and my body generally.

      White bras. Kinda like beige in the underwear department right?

  3. Hi! You are so sweet (your previous reply to me!) I never meant not reading the posts again, nooo! I would anyway! Only the length would be different!
    Buuuut… another topic that requires something more detailed. I had enormous breasts, since I was 13. At school my trauma started – boys called me milk factory. Later they looked at my breasts while talking. Women envied them, guys liked to look at…
    Never could I be without a bra and I never found nice bikinis at the time… after years hiding myself behind waistcoats (I have a collection) and scarves, I decided to have a breast reduction 11 years ago. Nooooo regrets!
    Still, they are huge! The surgeon and I knew I would “lose” my identity if they were small. So I am very satisfied with them now, still big – nice size BUT I can wear tops without a bra now!!!! If I want. 🙂 Sometimes I wear off the shoulder tops and I feel great! 36 D 🙂 Guess how I was before – surgery really needed and well done!

    • The pain of the surgery must have been immense Denise but I expect you felt that you could fly like a bird afterwards.

      ‘Milk factory’? Ugh. I wonder where these boys are now and how much their breastfeeding wives would kick their arses…

  4. I honestly don’t understand everyone’s fascination with breasts – both men and women.

    You know me and mine. Since 12 years old, I’ve had them. They are like any other body part to me. Sometimes they are annoying to dress but we have gotten to know each other over time. Now we mostly avoid turtle necks and don’t much tolerate men talking to them. Call them anit-social.

    My mother is Papua New Guinean and in our culture, breasts are not hidden or much of a big deal. Women have them. They are for feeding babies.

    Maybe I’m too much of a scientist but I just don’t rate them as a big deal other than attracting a mate and giving a child food
    Maybe I’m over how much attention they get and just live my life regardless.

    Either way, I like that you’ve made me think about it.

    • One thing I find really interesting is that no one with small breasts wrote a reply. I was kind of hoping that a TV/TG lady might write in also. There is so much peeking from behind hands going on with breasts, isn’t there. I expect it is not seeing them all the time as one would, for example, if mothers breastfed comfortably and publicly more often.

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