Question: What have I been up to?

Answer:  I have been for working at 4 jobs 7 days a week for some lovely people who …. drum roll… PAY ME.

As my young friend and amazing fellow yoga teacher/Pilates instructor Chrisen Hall says

I did the working for nothing thing. It didn’t work for me.

So it is pretty fabulous to not only be working but be paid for it too. This not only enable shoe purchases for the continued life of this blog but facilitates ongoing rent for the avoidance of eviction. That makes me happy. However, it resulted in tumbleweed around these parts for which I apologise.

By way of an update here is what I have been up to:

1.     Yoga Teaching at Fitness 4 You in Illawong

2.      Pilates Reformer Teaching at Glow Nutrition & Pilates Centre Sydney

3.       Pilates Mat Teaching at Sans Souci Leisure Centre

4.        Social Media-ing (tweeting/Facebooking) for One Small Planet (when I am not at one of the aforesaid studios teaching).

I even had time to write an article for lawyers on Twitter. No hard feelings and all that.

Ten Twitter Tips for Lawyers

4 thoughts on “Question: What have I been up to?

  1. Woohoo, CC
    It’s good to have you back and hear you are doing well keeping the sharks at bay. Speaking of sharks, 10 tweet tips for lawyers is a nice piece– for anyone thinking about joining twitter.
    TY AM

    • Lovely to see you back too! Do you know that for a while I thought about deleting my legal background from my LinkedIn profile and this blog entirely. Then I thought that people might think that I had (a) been in a cult or (b) the gaol for the last 20 years. In some ways that might have been a better use of my time 😉

      How are things over there?

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