Like Pins and Needles in The Psyche

When winter segues into spring in Sydney strange things start to happen.

Yesterday I walked out into the Surry Hills sunshine after teaching for two hours. There was a sticky suffocating heat slithering along the sides of buildings.

Twenty minutes later I left Hurstville train station to be hit by an icy wind that nearly hurled me sideways.

There are two opposing weather forces sandwiching Sydney – the red desert and the icy blue sea. As they slug it out for supremacy Sydneysiders appear remarkably unconcerned. For me and, I have noticed, for the Minx – this weather is discombobulating, it affects us like pins and needles in a body part we can’t find.

The Minx cannot find comfort in her life or dealings with others just now. Seemingly inconsequential things throw her headlong into a white rage.

Seemingly inconsequential things like –



None of her shoes are tight enough. She pulls the Velcro straps so hard that she snaps them.

Today my husband is taking her to but a pair of shoes with laces.

Let’s just see what happens next.