Pin Up Girls (unlike me) Have Nice Nails

It’s been a wee while since I last blogged and longer since I attempted a Style Dare – with a smashed thumb no less

The dinner lady at my son’s school took one look at the swelling bruise under my thumb nail and muttered darkly that she knew what that was all about. What she wouldn’t do was tell me ‘what that was all about’. Not in front of a queue of children she cautioned me darkly.

Nearly two months later I am none the wiser but at least my thumb looks slightly better:

Typing is a bit less painful. Contrary to everything I learned in my touch typing course I use my right thumb for the bottom row of my Qwerty keyboard.

Through the healing passage of time I can actually fasten up bra straps and jewellery, particularly brooches which are the piece de resistance of this week’s Pin Up Style Dare.

Pin Up Style Dare Solution One

The “Hold your cardigan closed to prevent inadvertent disclosure of camel toe while wearing yoga pants instead of pants” solution.

It is amber which is good for healing inflammation and possibly ugly fingernail injuries. The Minx wore an amber teething necklace for a while and it certainly stopped her from biting me while she was wearing it.

Pin Up Solution Two

The “Chuck on as many brooches as you can because it is a week since you have started the challenge” solution

You can all only hope that it is few more weeks until the next style challenge – you might miss the nail peeling off photos.

I am so pure dead elegant so I am.

7 thoughts on “Pin Up Girls (unlike me) Have Nice Nails

    • Banged it in my friend’s car door on the way out of the car at Padstow station (a bus was up her arse) 😉

      Since it is literally about to peel off like a crab shell I don’t think black nail polish is going to look anything other than zombie chic …

  1. I told you I had a similar problem with my left toe nail (the big one). My dermatologist told me, around 3 months to grow a finger nail, around 6 to 8 to grow a new toe nail. So mine fell in Fenruary and now it’s half way… I used a plaster for the first months, cause I couldn’t see it without a nail… but now I got used to it and OK, it’s without a plaster.
    So your new nail is growing under the smashed one… when it falls down, you’ll have a new one half way, that’s what I think… but it’s good that you can do some things by now!

    • Would getting a fake nail on top speed things up?

      My husband told me that yucky stuff like an exposed brain veins is my fate when the nail comes off.

      Accordingly a plaster collection will be necessary.

      Related: Owwwww xxxx

  2. You are a bit of a pin up girl or at least I and I’m sure numerous others think so!
    Anyway….mangled digits or other bits and pieces show character and prove no matter how good looking or plain we may be….. we are all human and at times prone to accidents/incidents.
    It is strange it happened at Padstow. That is one of my stomping grounds and I didn’t hear any cries of pain or expletives. Why haven’t you blogged for some time and why when you have great agility, intelligence and great footwear are you focused on one nail???
    It is Winter and you would not look out of place with gloves! Problem solved. 🙂 Plus gloves are pretty sexy looking.

    • Funnily enough I didn’t make that much noise at the time. My immediate instinct was to suck my thumb and whimper.

      According to my husband the nail will pop off shortly leaving behind it something that looks like an exposed brain with ‘brains and veins and yucky stuff’. Good blogging topic right?

      • A very good topic! You never disappoint with your writings so I expect nothing less with your photos of brains and veins and all things that go yuck!

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