Keep your interfering nose out of my lipstick choices darling

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Very few things make me quite as angry as people who claim to know better than me how I should dress myself.  For further evidence of my dislike of being told what to wear see here, here, here, here, here and here. If you are an intelligent and socially aware adult human being you should left alone to wear something that you feel is appropriate to work, unless you are required to wear a branded uniform.

Yet time and again professional woman are being told what to wear most usually by other professional woman.

Accordingly this article in the  Sun-Herald Sydney has pressed all my ranty buttons this morning when I should be hanging with my children and celebrating Mother’s Day.

A style consultant called Alex Frampton has been hired by a number of big city professional firms to ‘present style advice that they were too afraid to give to employees’.

This advice includes:

– you are not going to be promoted or taken to a client meeting if you are wearing a mini skirt or if your boobs are on show

– wear a suit every day including a skirt, stockings, a belt and lipstick.

Funnily enough Ms Frampton appears to have her own boobs well and truly out for her profile on style counsel site The Lives of  a Woman.

Why is it that every woman on the planet seems to have such a strong opinion about what other women should wear?

Will there ever be a stage where we can look at another woman wearing something that we don’t personally like and say – hey, she’s happy – and smile for her?

While writing this the Minx has drawn in lipstick all over the laundry walls. I could give a toss. If I wear lipstick and kiss my children I stick to their hair. I’d rather kiss them so I don’t.

8 thoughts on “Keep your interfering nose out of my lipstick choices darling

  1. Happy Mother’s Day! I found something else in the Herald to push my buttons but your gripe is much more appealing. Thank God the majority of women just do their own thing. Those who don’t, have nice people, such as you, to help reset their style compass!

  2. The legal “girls” were “focused on their rights”??? Gasp, shock, horror. Those “girls” have really got above their station haven’t they? Fancy thinking they could enter into a profession where they’re championing everyone else’s legal rights and daring to think they’ve got some of their own. What do they think this is, the 21st century?

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