Are glasses the new tattoos?

Circa 1980 body modification started with a vengeance.  At first it was just the odd tiny blue swallow tattooed on a model’s shoulder.

Then through time the ink landscapes grew and were joined by facial piercings – noses, then brows, followed by lips, tongues and cheeks.

Now that multiple tattoos and piercings are commonplace what can a person do to distinguish themselves? Or, if you take the psychology of facial modification as mask to heart how else can you tamper with your features in a way that allows people to look at you differently?

Delta Goodrem seems to have found the answer.

Wear a pair of extremely large dark rimmed spectacles.

Delta’s Geek Girl Glasses.

Delta’s glasses appeared last night on The Voice Australia and then disappeared almost as soon as they had appeared.

This annoyed me. I tweeted about it in a slightly snarky way because I was in A Bad Mood.

On the one hand I applaud any attempt to integrate glasses onto faces. This is because I have absolutely no choice in the matter. Here is a copy of my eye prescription.

The optometrist usually tells me off for not having at least 3 pairs of identical glasses in case something happens to the other two pairs. I’d have to be lead around by the hand without glasses or contacts. It’s been described quite flatteringly as my disability by one eyecare professional.

I have two pairs of glasses now. One for reading things on tins that might cause my children to turn fluorescent at night and the other for finding the first pair of glasses.

I am not a fan of prop spectacles. Prop spectacles are the ones worn by gorgeous models in the glossy optician’s pictures.

And then there are the geek girl glasses.

There are soft porn sites dedicated to girls wearing glasses, sites offering advice on how to wear geek chic and look convincing.

All good for the spectacles wearers amongst us.

Except that when something that used to set you apart from everyone else in a bad way, in a way that has you picked on, when that thing becomes fashionable one sort of starts to acquire a natural dislike for that very thing.

Maybe I should buck the trend and get myself a pair of contacts again.

6 thoughts on “Are glasses the new tattoos?

  1. Ugh. I resent people who wear glasses when they don’t need to, only because I don’t want to be mistaken as someone mindlessly hopping on the latest trend bandwagon. Maybe I’ll get ahead of the trend and get some glasses tattooed on my face, and bling them up with piercings!

  2. I feel like body piercings are a sense of expression. I don’t feel the same about glasses though. I wear glasses because I’m blind without them. I don’t understand why someone would wear glasses without a rx need for them.

  3. I wear glasses because I need them and I can’t touch my eye to use contacts. I have a nose piercing as a raised middle finger to everyone who told me I was ugly because of my monstrous proboscis. Neither one is for reasons of fashion and both are a very strong part of my identity.

  4. I thought those who wore glasses, when they were not required, were attempting to appear intelligent without putting in the hard yards to achieve it.

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