Birthday Buses Rock (and roll)

Perhaps finishing the bottle of wine before icing the birthday cupcakes was inadvisable

A very long time ago now or so it seems my husband and I had an infant boy.

The infant boy and I would go for long, long walks as that was the only way that I could find to stop him crying.  During these walks I would observe that there were moments of calm when a motor vehicle rumbled past. At certain times the moments of calm would be interspersed with full body vibrations to match the deep baritone of a single decker bus. It was as if Barry White had transmogrified in to a vehicle and trundled past in a kaftan.

My infant boy is now my 8 year old son  who LOVES buses regardless of  colour or country of origin.

He loves Clapham London omnibus buses

Bondi bendy buses

and wonderful wooden traditionally correct yellow school buses

For a long time now my husband and I (but mostly me) have been concerned by the fact that my son has not yet had a Proper Birthday Party. A PBP if you like.

Having not had a PBP for 8 years I determined that this year we would give the Noisy Boy a party to remember. It would be big in the bus department.

We had the very place in mind.

The Sydney Bus Museum used to be located in tram sheds in Tempe south of Sydney. Somewhere in time the museum moved to Leichardt around about the time that the organisation porn emporium known as IKEA moved in.

Now the Museum has received development approval to open as a museum again but the opening time has been pushed forward from late 2011 to possibly sometime in 2012-ish.

I found this out by speaking to a lovely chap called David Bennett who is the Marketing and PR Manager of the Sydney Bus Museum. When I explained over the phone just how much my son loved buses I could feel a kindred spirit energy sizzle through my iPhone. “I’ve always loved buses” he said “we aren’t officially open but if your son wants to come along and have a look, I am happy to show him around”.

Have you ever wanted to burst into tears all over/hug someone whom you have never met?

Best birthday surprise EVER the noisy boy told us with his eyes sparkling.

Thank you David and the gentlemen volunteer guides of Sydney Bus Museum. We will be back next year for that party on the buses.

For more information on the Sydney Bus Museum click here


4 thoughts on “Birthday Buses Rock (and roll)

  1. Wow! I hadn’t realised the museum wasn’t even officially opened. What an impressive present for the lovely boy. I’ll bet it was the best birthday present ever!

  2. He’ll remember this forever! It was such a lovely idea and the gentleman that made the visit possible is so sweet!
    A PBP… how great! I remember I had a b-day party at 5, one at 15 and end of my b-day parties… 😦 So I’m glad you decided for a party for him, because children will remember parties! He’s so cute!

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