Dare to Dance the Tide

Sometimes it is a struggle to write.


Life, love, the universe – there are many obstacles to blogging.

In the same way that I am more likely to exercise if I make a date to do so with a friend, writing becomes exponentially easier if I am accompanied by pals.

To this end, the various fashion dares set out by Andrea over at Fox in Flats in the last year have been awfully good fun. More importantly the Fashion Dares managed to get me through blogger’s bump (the slightly less sophisticated second cousin of writer’s block) on a few occasions:

The Dress Dare (wear a dress a day for a week)

Dress Dare:

Day 1 – George Dress

Day 2 –  M&S Kaftan/Tunic Dress

Day 3 – Tokito Black & White Dress

Day 4 – eBay Sizing Disaster

Day 5 – Seduce Kimono Dress

Days 6 and 7 – Cupcakes and frocks

Then there was the Colour In Dare: Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.

New year, new job, work uniform.  Can I still go in for the Fashion Dares?  Only time will tell.

For more fashion dare blogging visit Fox In Flats

One thought on “Dare to Dance the Tide

  1. I do remember the color dare… I will check the “Dare” blog out, I love fashion challenges! Although it’s been a bit complicated to keep up… I am not exactly what I can call “my house”, so finding my things from boxes, bags and so on… has been quite difficult! I end up wearing the same jeans and blouse, since it’s practical… (Can’t wait to have my nice wardrobe again! But in the UK, not where it is… 😦
    But I’m will try my best!

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