The Chop

The Janet Leigh Look Good While Being Murdered Horribly Crop

I have this theory that somewhere in our style imaginations we all try to aspire to our favourite film characters and celebrities.

Who do we aspire to be?

I have always really admired [mutters under breath] :

_i_to_i_ B_c_h_m

Yes well – she does wear some spectacular shoes.

For a number of months now my husband has been complaining about my hair.

It looks okay from the front” he would tell me “but from the back it looks flat and weird“,

I can’t see the back of my head.

Figuring out what my hair looks like from behind is a bit like wondering what my behind looks like from behind. A fairly fruitless exercise in self-observation.

So I decided upon a cunning plan and purchased one of those little handbag sized hair style magazines yesterday.

A gauntlet of glossy paper I throw down in front of my husband after we’d bought the ingredients for our favourite Scottish soup.

Ok – I have heard now for many months what you do not like about my hair. Now it is time to help me choose a hairstyle that you will like“.

With this I sat back with no small amount of self-satisfied rectitude and waited for the choices to be made for me by someone else.

These are the top five hairstyles chosen by my husband:

For a man who previously was a long hair only obsessive I am most impressed with the array of short edgy cuts that he chose.

When John mentioned that one crop was an Elizabeth Taylor crop, I probed a wee bit further.

“Who do you see when you see these these photos?”

This is who he saw (can you match up the celebrity/character with the crops above?):

The Emma Watson "Rosemary's Baby" Gamine Crop

The Tilda Swinton Bowie-esque Androgynous Crop

The Sharleen Spiteri Glaswegian/Italian Siren Crop - inner CD sleeve art - White on Blonde


The Impossibly Huge Eyes Elizabeth Taylor Siren Crop

And this is how I ended up looking.

Hair by Coralie at Motorhead Hair D'Zyne 32 Ormonde Parade Hurstville NSW 2220 (02) 9580 3825

Like who? Do I know?  Not really.

Will I find out?

I hope so.

Meantime the freedom of shedding two years of dead protein symbolically and follically is AMAZING.

Tell me about your favourite ever hair cut? Send me a link to a photo too?

10 thoughts on “The Chop

  1. Looking mighty fine. I flirted with a super short do for a while, but although I loved the low-maintenance liberation from effort it represented, I looked less like a charming gamine and more like a beaky nun. It’s working for you though!

  2. Fab do! You’ve created your own look. I’d go with the “Saucy Scottish”. I would love to rock the Swinton, but sadly, I am not Swinton. I do think she’s marvellous.

  3. Love it! I give it a much higher rating than the muses which inspired this do! And kudos to your hubby for instigating this look, men with good taste are so hard to come by these days!!

  4. Fabulous, fabulous hair. Absolutely rocking that look!

    No favourite haircut from me I’m afraid – I’m well stuck to the long hair and always have been. The most I’ve done recently was a lot of choppy layers and a cool fringe.

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