Love, life, shoes

Last year I forgot my husband’s birthday.

This year I did not.

This year my husband, the weans and I went Out for  A Meal.

We went to the India Times restaurant.

On the way out of the car, I bent over to unclip the Minx’s seat belt. As I did so a gust of wind lifted the back of my Yeojin Bae for Target black silk mini dress skyward.

That boy over there is smiling at you, Mum” said the Noisy Boy.

#102 of 105 - Red Heart Motif Stilettos by Olivia Morris for Faith

I kept my head down. At least I was wearing clean knickers and my arse made someone smile.

What a difference a year or so makes.

Sometimes we lose our place in time and space. If we are lucky the people we love, the people who love us will eventually welcome us back.

My husband now sends me an iMessage MMS every morning at 6.30 am with the sunrise. I have my mobile under my pillow so that it vibrates and I wake up and share the dawn with him.

I think that this year might be a very good year.

I hope.

11 thoughts on “Love, life, shoes

  1. I have the feeling this will be an amazing year… somehow… 🙂 Although I kind of resigned getting a job in the UK and need to move again… (you see, money is not all. Even showing them my financial status – thank God, lucky -, the immigration demands an at least £25k job no matter how many cards and bank statements you show them. I have no work permit, the company would have to say “she’s the one, let’s provide a permit”. But up to now… it didn’t happen.
    But as an optimist, I think the year will be fine! And a friend of mine says “fine is not enough. It has to be great”.
    I am sure your year will be great!!!! By the way, is your husband a laid-back guy? It seems, by the date you wrote, that he is an Aquarian.
    Guess who is Aquarian too? 😉
    I love your red shoes! And wow, what for a “derriere”!

  2. Looking very hot Miss Macgregor ! All that Aussie sunshine must be agreeing with you.

    Any chance of you coming home for a visit as I miss you lots? Or…………….. will I have to come out and see you again?

    I hope this year will be a good one too.

    Craig. X

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