A New Routine

Morning Routine

Well here we all are – someplace new. You like the new paint job?  The new URL? Maybe you are uncomfortable with change. Most of us are.

Once upon a time I used to get up in the morning and have a cigarette and a cup of coffee.  A couple of weeks ago on the way back from a very long walk to the Minx’s pre-school and back (2 hour round trip) I caught a glimpse of the morning routine that I left behind.

What are my routines now?

I have no work routines as yet.  Despite having just started a new job today I have no sense of the daily rituals – whether or not these will involve coffee and raisin toast and if so where these will be purchased or made or consumed.

On the shoe front my work routine will involve wearing black, closed toe shoes. Kinda like these only perhaps with a lower heel. I have to wash things and do things in a warehouse and lift things as well as doing office-y type things.

Missy Jackson Leather Court Shoes - Shoe Save 88 of 105

We do have a family beach routine though. The beach routine involves, for me, shoe challenge shoe choosing and slathering SPF30+ on myself and the kids like peanut butter on an Elvis sandwich.

The beach routine involves wearing rashies (for the kids – rashies being swimwear with  short/long sleeves and built in sun protection.

The beach routine involves making vast quantities of fruit salad and packing plastic bottles of water chilled to almost freezing.

The beach routine involves a taking time to take a shoe challenge photo or two.

Ursula Mascaro Perspex and leather mules - Shoe save 89 of 105

The beach routine involves making architectural mounds of sand and shells.

The beach routine consists of going for long, long walks through still salty water discussing the plot of various Indiana Jones movies with the Noisy Boy.

The beach routines no longer involve switching off the horror of my weekly routine.

Those days are behind us now.

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4 thoughts on “A New Routine

  1. I am so glad for your changes, you are so right in changing the name of the blog! I loved the new name, it’s a good balance between mundane things (shoes) and body but especially spiritual things (yoga!); well, in my opinion yoga deals a lot with inner feelings.
    I liked your beach routine! And you look gorgeous with that fabulous hat and perspex heels (I confess, I love perspex!)
    A biiiig hug and congratulations for the changes! This week I wrote on the blog: changes are necessary. We are pretty recoverable to failure, but regret is way worse than doing nothing. A bad decision is better than no decision. (But sometimes no decision is a decision itself – dragging). Changes show inner development.
    I’m constantly looking for changes!
    Well done, dear Shoes and Yoga!
    Denise – http://denisi.blog.de

    • Thank you for being such a staunch supporter and regular commenter and all round fun person to read and be around Denise.

      It is best to be honest. This is about what is going to happen from now on not about what happened before.

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