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Last year I forgot my husband’s birthday.

This year I did not.

This year my husband, the weans and I went Out for  A Meal.

We went to the India Times restaurant.

On the way out of the car, I bent over to unclip the Minx’s seat belt. As I did so a gust of wind lifted the back of my Yeojin Bae for Target black silk mini dress skyward.

That boy over there is smiling at you, Mum” said the Noisy Boy.

#102 of 105 - Red Heart Motif Stilettos by Olivia Morris for Faith

I kept my head down. At least I was wearing clean knickers and my arse made someone smile.

What a difference a year or so makes.

Sometimes we lose our place in time and space. If we are lucky the people we love, the people who love us will eventually welcome us back.

My husband now sends me an iMessage MMS every morning at 6.30 am with the sunrise. I have my mobile under my pillow so that it vibrates and I wake up and share the dawn with him.

I think that this year might be a very good year.

I hope.

The New Commuting Shoe Rules

#95 of 105 - the Shoeper Shoe Challenge

There are commuting shoes and then there are the shoes that you change into when you get to work.

Australians wear thongs on public transport. New Yorkers traditionally wore sneakers. Me? I wear heels. Always have and I thought that I always would.

However in the last couple of weeks I have had to rethink my commuting shoes.

Urban Sole Stiletto Shoe Boots & my Cycling Shoes

I started  a new job. The upside is that I no longer have to travel to the city on public transport. The downside is that there is no public transport directly to where I work. It is a 50 minute walk from my house to where I work. A long enough walk to make me anxious internally the night before I work. An added complication is that the Minx is in pre-school in two separate places – one place (Mondays and Tuesdays) is 5 minutes walk from our house and doesn’t open until 8.00 am. I start work, supposedly at 8 am on a Tuesday. The other place  (Wednesdays to Fridays) is 45 minutes walk away from our house and opens at 7.30 am.

This commute is, as you can see, already fraught with difficulty due to the need to work around childcare arrangements.

We have a useful website here in Sydney for planning one’s commute – simply key in where you are travelling from and where you are going to figure out the best commuting route.  According to this site the shortest travel time available from my home to my new workplace is 44 minutes and my commute involves the following steps:

1.  Walk to my local train station from the Noisy Boy’s out of school hours care facility (opens at 7.00 am) with the Minx in a stroller (Time Taken – 15 minutes)

2.  Get on a train and travel one stop (Cost $4.00; Time Taken – 7 minutes)

3.  Get off train. Try to avoid any shops with anything that the Minx might want to eat anything out of (impossible). (Time – about 5 minutes)

4.  Walk to my destination (Time – about 15 minutes)

Total Travel Time Time:   42 minutes

Total Travel Cost:               $4.00

Or alternatively I can walk from my house to work – total travel time 50 minutes, total travel cost + Number of shops walked past selling anything the Minx might want to eat = NIL.

Last Tuesday I cycled to work for the first time EVER.  It rocked even though I shoogled a lot more than a serious cyclist should. I also dismounted and crossed roads at pedestrian crossings a LOT. When I got to work I changed into a pair of Urban Sole shoe boots which are virtually impossible to get onto my feet.

They do look rather nice and spiky but I am pleased that I didn’t choose to cycle in them.

The following days commuting shoes were a bit more smelly  – I have figured out that if I trot and walk and trot I can reduce my walk from 50 minutes to about 35 minutes.

Shoe Save #96 of 105

When I got to work only 12 minutes late (set the alarm 15 minutes earlier I told myself repeatedly en route) I was sweating like a laundry worker. My face was red. My backside hurt from marching up steep inclines in the Kogarah area and sprinting across pedestrian crossings to ensure that the Minx, the stroller and I wouldn’ t be smooshed by grumpy drivers.

I  could, of course, just pay $20 and get a taxi from home to work.

The down side of this is that I am Scottish and I hate paying for taxis when I can walk.

The upside is that I lost 500 grams from cycling to work last Tuesday.

My feeling is that the shock of trying to cycle along Princes Highway at 8.00 am in the morning made my metabolism work a wee bit faster than normal.

Also shitting oneself while commuting must lead to weight loss.

Unattractive but effective.

Here are some of my other commuting shoes from my first week or so at (paying) work:  the furry shoe boots (last worn here )

Parcours Furry Shoe Boots - 97 of 105

And the Faith Stilettos (worn at work in the warehouse, not on the way to work):

Faith Satin Stilettos 98 of 105

Then of course there were the injurious sandals:

Alan Pinkus - Raw Silk, Leather and Perspex Sandals - #99 of 105

#100 of 105

and finally…

#101 of 105

With a close up and a hope that this year might somehow become easier.

101 of 105

How much agapanthus is too much?

 As part of my recent job search I found myself looking for any job opportunity to make money.

Delivering leaflets to letterboxes? Yep – I applied for that. Twice. No takers.

Answering the telephone in adult establishments? Yep. I saw it as a good background for my #DirtyThursday tweets. The adult establishment liked my telephone manner and my charisma. My law degree  and law  firm experience put them off though.

We never even approached my shoe obsession. I am glad. i would only have felt dirty in the light of rejection.

Shoe Save 90 0f 105 - Black Suede Stiletto Thigh Boots

Posing as a Role Playing Consumer for Mystery shopper Opportunities?  Hell yeah. The only thing more fun that actual bona fide shopping is being paid for shopping.

Since I am easily distracted I love having Mystery Shopper opportunities delivered to me daily. My hope is that someone somewhere would like me to go buy chocolate covered pecans and taste test them in the shop. Or trying on stilettos shoes and blogging about them. That kind of thing.

To date I have been bitterly disappointed. Most of the Mystery Shopper opps have involved phoning up and making a booking to various clubs, pubs and other establishments of the less  florists throughout Sydney this week florists will be inundated with people asking: “My wife really loves agapanthus, when are they available? Oh and could you tell me what colours they come in“.

You cannot let on that you are a mystery shopper and have to act all disingenuous in the off chance that you are rumbled as a potential floral spy.

I think that it would be fun to pop and ask agapanthus questions in a improv role play sort of way while trying to keep a straight face.

There is only one down side to this plan.

Any agapanthus in the house is too much agapanthus.

It is too blue.

Amanda Starr Floral Heels with Red Leather Roses - Shoe Save 91 of 105

I much prefer red and pink.

And donated…

Shoe Save 92 of 105 – Sachi pumps via Alicia McCosker

A bit more Info about the Silver and Pink Stiletto Sandals above from the donor – Alicia McCosker:

You always knew she was coming down the hallway by the jingle jangling of her jewellery (she likes a bit of bling).

Now, one of her spare bedrooms is her “dressing room” – a whole bedroom filled with clothes (on racks) and shoes.

“My mum is Hungarian and came to Australia as an 8 year old. Her father, my grandfather was a tailor and worked for Anthony Squires suits when he first came to Australia. She’s an only child. My grandfather and my grandmother made most of her clothes (tailored), my grandfather made the wedding party outfits for my parent’s wedding – bridal gown, bridesmaid dresses, suits for the groom and groomsmen. Unlike most brides at the time, mum wore red nail polish and red lipstick. When she went into labour with me, she was pinning baby clothes for my grandfather to sew (I was a month premature).

She taught me how to wear heels by practising walking up and down the hallway at home heel first head up. My grandmother taught her in the same manner.

Also, she taught me to wear new heels/shoes around the house at night (sometimes with a pair of socks) before you wear them out – oh and if they’re leather rub the inside with a dry cake of soap to “lubricate” and not cause friction and therefore, blisters. Again, a trick handed down from her parents.”

A New Routine

Morning Routine

Well here we all are – someplace new. You like the new paint job?  The new URL? Maybe you are uncomfortable with change. Most of us are.

Once upon a time I used to get up in the morning and have a cigarette and a cup of coffee.  A couple of weeks ago on the way back from a very long walk to the Minx’s pre-school and back (2 hour round trip) I caught a glimpse of the morning routine that I left behind.

What are my routines now?

I have no work routines as yet.  Despite having just started a new job today I have no sense of the daily rituals – whether or not these will involve coffee and raisin toast and if so where these will be purchased or made or consumed.

On the shoe front my work routine will involve wearing black, closed toe shoes. Kinda like these only perhaps with a lower heel. I have to wash things and do things in a warehouse and lift things as well as doing office-y type things.

Missy Jackson Leather Court Shoes - Shoe Save 88 of 105

We do have a family beach routine though. The beach routine involves, for me, shoe challenge shoe choosing and slathering SPF30+ on myself and the kids like peanut butter on an Elvis sandwich.

The beach routine involves wearing rashies (for the kids – rashies being swimwear with  short/long sleeves and built in sun protection.

The beach routine involves making vast quantities of fruit salad and packing plastic bottles of water chilled to almost freezing.

The beach routine involves a taking time to take a shoe challenge photo or two.

Ursula Mascaro Perspex and leather mules - Shoe save 89 of 105

The beach routine involves making architectural mounds of sand and shells.

The beach routine consists of going for long, long walks through still salty water discussing the plot of various Indiana Jones movies with the Noisy Boy.

The beach routines no longer involve switching off the horror of my weekly routine.

Those days are behind us now.

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