Time to Let Go of the Rope?

Shoe Save 85 of 105

There have been a lot of changes around here recently and still more are to come.

One thing that I have completely accepted now is that my decision to leave the law is finally final.

You never wanted to be a lawyer in the first place” my husband told me this week “it’s only taken you 20 years of being miserable pretty much all of the time that you were a lawyer for you to realise this“.

Sometimes I think that I stuck out the practice of law so long because it seemed like something that I could be really good at if I tried just a wee bit harder. The practice of law is not unlike the practice of yoga though –  forcing things just leads to trauma. There are other lawyers out there who love what they do. For me and for many others who don’t love it but think of it as a good solid career choice, we are essentially trying to fit ourselves into the wrong size shoe.

You can stretch a shoe that is a size too small and you can put insoles inside a pair of  shoes a size too big. The shoe will never look right though.

Shoe Save 86 0f 105

In all the upheaval and uncertainty of the last few months I did relent recently and put in an application to work in a law firm. I was relieved when the application was unsuccessful. I have to have faith that I will find something to do that will support my aim to teach yoga and have a part time  job that will help pay my bills.

So with all that said, it really is time now to change the name of this blog – Law and Shoes is not appropriate any longer.

Best new suggestion wins first dibs on any shoes that don’t make it through the Shoe Challenge (one pair at least is on the list so far).

Shoe Save 87 of 105

Sunday Shoe Save Summary

Shoe Save 85   Ankle Strap Stilettos – Brand forgotten at the time of writing and actual shoes has been placed in the photographed but not yet blogged about cupboard. I lie. I can’t actually find them.

Shoe Save 86   Gianmarco Lorenzi Sequinned Beaded Stiletto Mules (close up photo  here)

Shoe Save 87   Andrea & Joen Sandals last blogged about here and two years later nearly worn to death (very comfy)


17 thoughts on “Time to Let Go of the Rope?

  1. Barefoot In Shoes
    F___less Shoes
    Flawless Shoes
    Shoe Shoe Doo Whop
    Up&Downward Delight
    Outlaw Shoes
    YogaLicious Shoes
    YogaLicious Anything just because you are

  2. Stiletto zen & sole equilibrium were great suggestions, but think yoga & shoes is most descriptive, great for SEO & reminiscent of how we first met & fell in love with you (& how much we’ve all grown, changed & learned)… Glad you’ve made the change x

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