More of the same but entirely different

Harry Potter Lego Train Set - a test for even the most dedicated optimist

One of the things that disappoints and hurts my heart most in life is encountering unethical people.

What do I mean by unethical?

Unethical people who use what they have and say what they have to get what they want. In the online world these people make themselves immediately apparent to me. The written word gives away so much more because the words that a writer chooses reflect his or her soul. A black soul resides in unkind words.

In the face to face world of living breathing human beings it is easy to be distracted. Words combined with beautiful smiles combined with tears can occasionally throw me off course as to someone’s true intentions. There are people who have caused so  much destruction in my life that if I ever see them in the flesh I will excuse myself go to the bathroom, urinate in a cup, come back and dump the contents over their beautiful heads.

Alan Pinkus Wedges

Someone told me this week that being Scottish I come from a cynical race of people. I disagree entirely -despite the fact that 70% of the time people prove to be self serving, self satisfied and barely evolved from tantrum throwing toddlers I still love and expect the best from them.

Why do I continue to want to believe the best despite experience so often proving otherwise?

Mainly I continue to write and engage and meet new people and fall in love with their souls and their minds is because I do believe that most of people are capable of reaching a state of self-understanding and development that transcends the id.

Optimism or ….?

Shoe Save Statistics as per usual

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