The Boy’s Choices

Mummy?” the Noisy Boy enquires.

Yes, what is it dear?” I reply.

Why do the roofs smell so bad on this street?

My Photographer, Stylist & Aromatherapist

My son has always had an oversensitivity to noise, bad smells and visually ugly things. When he was a baby he would vibrate with happiness in my arms when a bus or motorbike growled past us. He can smell something rotting three streets away. “Mummy, something has died somewhere” he mutters darkly.

He is getting to the age where his conversations are deeply profound fuelled no doubt by his obsession with war movies.

His visual sense is and always has been keen. “Mum” he will tell me, sweeping an arm theatrically from my face to my feet “I like what you are doing here‘.

So it’s not surprising that for quite some time now he has been the official Law and Shoes blog photographer. My husband doesn’t get a look in.

He suggested this pose and the flower in my hair. “That’s it Mummy, you look pretty! Smile!!

Urban Sole Rivet Stiletto Sandals - Shoe Save 75

The boy was very, very keen on these Amanda Starr stilettos.


Amanda Starr White Polka Dot Stilettos - Shoe Save 76

So am I –  I have the leopard print Amanda Starrs, the plasticine flower Amanda Starrs and the Amanda Starr Purple Boots. I am a bona fide Huge Amanda Starr Fan.  So although I wondered when I saw these on eBay what on earth I would wear them with, I found the faith and let my son decide for me.

Green Silk Sundress & Amanda Star Cream Polka Dot Stilettos (both via eBay)

He has a good eye.  “I love these shoes Mummy” he tells me frequently. Who can resist such enthusiasm?

And the choice from the Minx?

Urban Sole Black Stilettos - Shoe Save 77

Mummy, it’s time to walk to pre-school. Here are your shoes“.

It’s a 50 minute walk. I can suffer for my children though.

Shoe Save Stuff

Shoe Save 75  – Urban Soul Stiletto Sandals

Shoe Save 76 – Amanda Starr Polka Dot Stilettos

Shoe Save 77 – Urban Sole Black Stilettos

Number of Days Left in Which to Save Shoes: 25

Number of Pairs of Shoes Left to Save: 28

Do you remember an outfit/pair of shoes/accessories that your mum wore that made you happy?

10 thoughts on “The Boy’s Choices

  1. I do remember one actually, though I have no photos to share. My mama was a waitress. She earned money for food and a roof over our heads by working in sturdy flat shoes walking 12 hours a day in a “nice restaurant,” right in the center of the garment district of New York City, where the tips were larger, and came from the guys at fashion houses up and down the street. Mama never wore her uniform to work on the subway. She woke up every morning, and dressed to the nines in her wholesale outfits and four-inch heels My favorite: a peach wool suit with pencil skirt and three-quarter jacket, complete with a huge and gorgeous silver fox collar extending down the front, worn with beige and peach stilettos. She was very fond of what she called, “walking suits,” and had several. She rode for forty-five minutes downtown from the Bronx dressed like that, in full make-up and coif, changed into her uniform with decorative hankie pinned to the chest pocket, and worked like crazy until are around 6. She returned home in that same outfit, slipped off her shoes and suit, and put together our dinner. The one thing she never did was carry dishes to or from the table. Whenever I saw her dressed, and smelled her signature Shalimar, I was happy. Love your Boy for being happy, too.

    • That is a recollection redolent with visual and olfactory memories. I can smell your mum too and imagine how elegant she looked in her ‘walking suits’.

      Thank you for sharing your search for lost time x

  2. LOLOL! Good morning, darling friend.

    I snorted coffee this morning when I scrolled down to the photograph of you elegantly sprawled across your drive and at your description of The Boy’s highly-sensitive nose and directorial skills.

    You have started my day brilliantly!

    (Love the red dress, btw …)

  3. I loved the sound of my Mum walking in high heels. From the age of 3 I aimed to mimic that slight scrape of the heel every so often when I walked, mingled in with the clip clop. Mum’s red snakeskin wooden five inch platforms were my favourites. I wore then from 4 years of age, everyone convinced I would break my neck, but I never fell in them. The sound of heels on a pavement still makes me happy.

  4. Oh, your boy is so amazing!!! Sensitive and talented! I loved the pictures he took, and the polka dot shoes are fabulous!
    I think it’s a blessing to have so sweet kids!
    As for me, I remember liking so many things about my mother. OK, time for tears, I’m used to them by now.
    Mum was short like me, 5 ft 3″. I loved – guess what – her heels! I used to try them on whenever I could. When I was 14 then she finally allowed me to wear one of her heels – by that time we had the same shoe size. Well, at 12 I could wear some high wedges, but not thaaat high (but mine, not hers). Anyway, she really had beautiful feet, and her shoes were a dream.
    And the jewellery! She had so amazing pieces, even today people look at them and think “I never saw something like that before”.
    I kept many things from her, like amazing scarves, sun glasses and more things. I planned to wear them, but believe it or not, one year is gone and I didn’t and don’t have the courage to wear anything. Only jewellery. I got all. It was her wish. She said that being the only daughter gave that right to me,
    Thanks for this post… really sweet!

  5. I wonder what noisy boy would have made of that corpse they found up a tree in Randwick recently. Apparently it had been there for weeks. Yikes.

    It’s lovely to read of another young man who has a positive relationship with his mum and who appreciates both the boy things – ‘A Bridge Too Far’ – and the girl things – mum’s ensemble. Balance.

    As a man who loves boy things and girl things, may I suggest a few must see movies for noisy boy with a military theme. All are available cheaply on DVD:

    The Dambusters (1955)
    Zulu (1964)
    The Battle of Britain (1969)

    These films should be a part in the life of all young men. They celebrate courage and brotherhood but they do not glorify war. I remember seeing ‘The Battle of Britain’ when I was about eight and feeling terribly sorry for the poor Heinkel crew getting shot to bits while loving the Spitfires. Such elegant machines.

    As always, your son is absolutely right in his assessment of your look. How do you always manage to look so darn good?

    • We’ve been trying to find the Dam Busters on DVD without success. The Noisy Boy has been collecting the Weapons of War series which he enjoys enormously.

      One of the many reasons (previously undisclosed) that I dislike running is the fear of an unpleasant early morning discovery. Most corpses seem to be found by joggers or dog walkers. Either that or caused by them…

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