In stark black and white

Olivia Morris - Cream Linen Hessian & Black Patent Leather Peep Toe Mules

The overuse of paper by credit card companies and government departments upsets me. Somehow bald mass mailed bad news is worse then personalised bad news.

A while ago I opted to receive online only correspondence from Centrelink. For those of you who are not from these parts, the closest equivalent to Centrelink in the UK used to be the DHSS and is now the DWP. If there is a US equivalent I have no idea. Dealing with government departments is unpleasant – Googleing government departments is not dissimilar to picking scabs.

Black/Cream Dress (Tokito) and Peep Toe Pumps Olivia Morris for TopShop (both via eBay)

This morning I opened a Centrelink letter and immediately went into shock.  The letter said essentially that I owed the Australian Government $8,500.00.

Good news this was not and so I telephoned Centrelink immediately.

You do know what this is about, don’t you?” Rachel on the other end of the phone said in an ominous tone.

Yes” I said.

No” I said.

I am in shock” I said “how can I owe you so much money?”

You’ve not lodged your tax return for 2009 to 2010” Rachel said sternly.

At that point I burst loudly into tears. I couldn’t help it because I had lodged my tax return – 3 months ago. Turns out that the ATO hasn’t processed it yet.

You’ll have to stop crying now” Rachel told me a little less sternly “I can’t understand a word you are saying“.

Have you ever had that feeling where you are teetering on the edge between sanity and volcanic madness? That was the point I was at speaking to Rachel today.

And then miraculously things started to change for the better.

Watch this space.

Meantime I have been comforting myself wearing – black and white.

Elle Effe Spectator/Jazz Pumps

And on the Shoe Save Stats – Sally Ann Soames… or something

Shoe Save 75 – Olivia Morris for Top Shop – Hessian and Patent Leather Peep Toe Mules.

Shoe Save 76 – Elle Effe Penguin Brogues last worn here 

Number of Pairs of Shoes Left to Save: 29

Number of Shoe Save Days: 26


One thought on “In stark black and white

  1. It is a common tactic for some on Government help desks, to emotionally toy with the customer and then take some perverse pleasure in rebuilding the emotional ‘wreck’, they and the system created.

    My wife has experienced good and bad on the help desk / inquiry line. The bad ones seem to agree to everything and a week later you find all the dependent children have had their benefits cut. A notice arrived just recently announcing the tertiary students in the family were no longer getting their full payments as they had agreed to opt out of them.

    The real story was my wife had contacted Centerlink to inform them of certain minor changes to our single income. The person on the other end then did her own thing and claimed they agreed to forgo their allowances.

    What took a phone call to dismantle in minutes was now going to take a month to restore.

    The money saved during that 4 weeks must have been invested on the short term money market. Either that or the phone operator was totally incompetent.

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