Why I suck at dressing for interviews

Sergio Rossi Brass Ring Sandals

Last week I had a meeting for a Sekrit Project.

It was a hot and sunny day.  In acknowledgment of this I wore sandals and a silk maxi dress. Silk maxi dresses are like the clothing equivalent of standing naked in a summer breeze.

I kicked my sandals off to protect the beautiful wooden floor and enjoyed the swish of fabric around my bare legs.

Silk Maxi Dress - Peter Alexander via eBay

From about that point forward I found out that I had managed to talk myself into an interview for an admin/marketing job locally. Interview attire was accordingly necessary.

I suck at interview attire in almost the same degree as I suck at dressing for Sydney summer weather. My view was to look cool, calm, linen-y and collected. The cool, calm collected bit was thwarted quite early on as both my husband and daughter nudzhed me into leaving the house 15 minutes before I was ready. 15 minutes that I needed to find matching stockings, unripped of the length that would not flash the welt as soon as I crossed my legs.

Yes I could wear tights but tights involve sweaty crotches. I don’t do barelegged interviews ever. Those nuns taught me well. Then there was the little matter of the Shoes.

These days a professional shoe is a classic pointy toe stiletto. Just as well really because I happen to have more than a few pairs of stilettos still to save.

Silk Blouse - Blue Juice | Cream Linen Skirt - Emanuel Ungaro | Metal Heel Gianmarco Lorenzi Stilettos - all items via eBay

Hard to say how good an impression the heels made – a couple of the women in the place I was interviewed glared at them. Oh well, you live and learn with Lorenzis.

Gianmarco Lorenzi Metal Heel Snakeskin Stiletto Pumps

Today – another interview. It seemed wise to surf on the side of conservatism. The Ladylike Pumps were the obvious choice. Stinking hot weather dictated a light, summery, knee length office dress.

Roberto Vianni Navy Suede Peep Toe Pumps | Silk wrap dress via eBay

Until I reached the end of our street I was quite happy with my footwear and outfit ensemble. At about the moment in time where it would make me late for the interview to double back a gust of warm summer wind lifted up the edges of the wrap dress and insouciantly flapped them around my ears.

Lucky I was wearing tights.

Getting to the interview was tricky. The office was in the middle of an industrial estate at the end of a residential street. Google Maps decided that I could find my destination from Princes Highway (ten minutes away) and left me to my own devices clutching my phone in one hand and the errant edges of my dress in the other.

The interview went well when I got there. It is always pleasurable to sit down after a wrap dress walking malfunction.

On the way out the lady who interviewed me looked down at my heels and said:

Roberto Vianni - Suede Peep Toe Pumps in Navy

I hope that you brought a pair of walking shoes with you!”

Oh but these are my sensible walking shoes” I blurted out.  When I saw her face I realised once more that:


Shoe Save Stats

Shoe Save 72  – Sergio Rossi Sandals

Shoe Save 73 –   Gianmarco Lorenzi Metal Heel Snake Skin Stilettos

Shoe Save 74 –  Roberto Vianni Navy Suede Platform Pumps

Number of Days Left in Which to Save Shoes: 28

Number of Pairs of Shoes Left to Save: 31

Care to share your worst job interview dressing faux pas?

2 thoughts on “Why I suck at dressing for interviews

  1. I just suck at interviews. The ones I had to go to for college admissions in the late 1950’s required hat and gloves, as well as suit and, in my case, in those days, high heels.

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