Sometimes a surprising sunset –

– inspires you to drop everything, run outside and mutter ‘wow‘ under your breath like a curmudgeonly pilgrim reaching dry land and espying an orange tree heavy with fruit.

It’s not often that the natural world grabs you by the throat and screams:

“Look at me, aren’t I FABULOUS?

Sydney Sunset

So I did.

And the kids did. Somewhere in the middle I ran into the house and grabbed the first pair of heels that I could find to save.

As you do.

How on earth would I decide which pair to save if our house was burning? I suppose I should give a certain amount of random thought to this problem. Probably the turquoise and black patent leather Lorenzis?

But I grabbed the fluffy marabou mules. Such a practical heel and yet such a whimsical ridiculously camp flutter about them.

Black Marabou Mules

In the desperate bid to save shoes I am happy that I am going for part time job interviews this week – I can save at least a pair of pumps per office visit.

There aren’t many places that I could get away with marabou mules these days other than wandering casually outside to stare at the sky.

Vital Statistics

Dress: Biba

Shoe Save 71 of 105: Marabou Mules by British Home Stores

Half Naked Minx from

Number of Days Left in Which to Save Shoes: 29

Number of Pairs of Shoes Left to Save: 34

For more fabulous sunsets follow @fridley on Twitter’s Sky Burn Addiction

Skyburn - Image Copyright James Fridley

Or Victoria Hughes

Sydney Sunset 10 January 2012 - Copyright Victoria Hughes aka @ESLSydney


4 thoughts on “Sometimes a surprising sunset –

  1. Amazing sunset! And beautiful mules!
    Great idea about the interviews; for sure many more shoes will be saved!
    I always think of what to save in case of fire… I normally think of my passport (it had to be the gypsy in me…) and my jewellery, inherited. For their meaning, of course, not money (I won’t sell them). Pictures not from digital era, maybe some… and the notebook… end of my savings, I guess. Maybe my glasses… oh my God, you see? The list grows, this is not good! 🙂
    I hope we don’t live such a situation!
    Can I ask you a favor? Whch movie was Guess talking about? I would like to see it, Guess said it shows lots of things our beloved ones can’t show while they are alive… and I totally need some comfort, still.

    • Hi Denise – Guess was referring to ‘Saving Private Ryan’. It is supposedly one of the most realistic of the war movies to date.

      Save the jewellery particularly if it is passed down through the generations and the passport – the Gypsy should not be detained.

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