A breath of air?

Sticky. Hot. Humid.

Usually by this time of year one or other of us in this house would have caught sight of our  ghost.

The summer after the Minx was born, I blamed  the continual sightings of shadowy figures staring round the doors at me in half afternoon, half evening light on sleep deprivation. The hairs raising on the back of my neck were harder to explain away, particularly in the sultry humid heat of a Sydney summer.

My husband took the view that we had a visitor.

Two years ago a person who had a huge influence on my husband died. My husband believes that this person visited us to get one last look at this wondrous pot.

Stoneware Pot by Alex Leckie, Potter (circa 1980)

The last time that I wore these heels it was in memory of that person. Someone that my husband loved and admires very much. The ridiculously talented and aggressively vibrant ceramic art tour de  force known as Alex Leckie.

Every so often someone from Alex’s past finds our  glimpse of him through this blog. Not so long ago, for example, I met Dillon Kesur. Dillon visited Greece for a fleeting visit that turned into a food odyssey. He  has an artistic flair for food that rivals Alex’s abilities with clay.

Maybe one of these days someone will write the biography of a man who lived life hard and created the most exquisitely beautiful ceramic art while he did so. Maybe Dillon’s Greek taverna inspired recipes and this photo might feature therein.

Dillon Kesur, Jimmy Macgregor and Alex Leckie in Greece

In memoriam, I wore the hole-y sandals again and have taken a photo of a pot that we inherited from Alex. The pot features a  potassium dichromate glaze. Potassium dichromate is one of the most lethal chemicals on the planet. Alex asked my husband when he was working at the Glasgow School of Art to buy 25 kilos of the stuff.

If you dumped that 25 kilos of potassium dichromate into an adjacent reservoir you could have fatally poisoned half the population of Glasgow, my husband tells me. Alex wisely smuggled it to Greece in his camper van instead.

The pot is an extra piece that Alex made for an exhibition that he held in Glasgow in the early eighties. He gave the pot to Thomas Scott, the clay technician in the Ceramics Department at the time. Thomas (Tommy) was a veteran of World War II and a survivor of the Normandy Landings depicted in Saving Private Ryan. Tommy never wanted to talk about that landing or the war. I’ve never wanted to watch Saving Private Ryan.

Instead, on a hot sultry summer’s night without much breeze I find myself sitting on the front step, snaffling any cool air that I can and remembering.

Esino by Trickers International Sandals

These sandals were last worn here. I’m not sure they’ll last another year but photos will live on.

Important Shoe Saving Facts

Shoe Save 70 of 105 – Esino by Trickers International Sandals

Number of Days Left in Which to Save Shoes: 32

Number of Shoes Left to Save: 35


4 thoughts on “A breath of air?

  1. What for a beautiful and strong post. I think Alex was great and IS great still, through his work, through the love and memories of his friends. I loved his work, the one you showed here, and it drove me to imagine the other great works of Alex.
    I hope these amazing sandals survive one more year… they are gorgeous!

    One more thing… no one dies as long as there is someone to love them… It just came to my mind now. I did feel Alex is alive. Somehow. You wrote it so fantastically, we can feel it!
    Thanks for this post. It did inspire me and comforted me at the same time.

  2. I agree with all the comments.

    Can I just implore you to do one thing?

    Watch that movie. You don’t have to of course, but it does give an insight to all those things that loved ones could never bring themselves to reveal or revisit.

    I am also enjoying the tension you have created by falling behind in ‘saves’!

    So far 2012, has been bearable, due to your contributions in photography and commentary. It is very refreshing!

    • Thank you all Denise, MammaTaz and Guess for your encouragement – no idea whether or not all the shoes will be saved. Maybe if they are Guess, I will sit down with a Very Stiff Wee Goldie and do as you suggest.

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