In praise of steel heels & in loving memory of Cha Cha.

Sachi Steel Heeled Stiletto Strappy Sandals with Silk Chiffon Flapper Dress (both from eBay)

Every New Year some macabre bastard does a roll call of all of those and such of those who have died in the preceding calendar year.

It reminds me a bit of watching holiday movies at home as a child such as the Great Escape. I’d be wondering whether or not Steve McQueen made it over the barbed wire fence and to safety when my dad would say: “He’s dead. In real life. Don’t worry about it”. For a while I become obsessed with trying to find out whether famous actors were alive or dead.

My son has started showing an interest in really old war movies – “A Bridge Too Far” being his current favourite. “Who’s still alive in this movie?” he asked. We watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and he said “Mummy that’s Doc in Cars!” when he heard Paul Newman’s voice “he’s not dead is he?” Fraid so my darling, I miss him too.

As usual I tried parental sleight of hand by showing him stuff on the Internet. I used to flash photos of VW Kombi vans at the seven year old to cheer him up/stop him whacking his sister on the head with blunt instruments.  These days I can distract him with other stuff like go faster stripes on Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 Shoe Collection.

My personal favourite were the red snake print steel heeled stilettos with the Cadillac inspired tail lights. No one would lose you on the way back from the pub in these.

Prada Red Snakeskin Metal Heeled Car Stilettos - Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

The Noisy Boy had a personal favourite “Mummy you should buy these, they would look very nice on your with dresses” he said smiling and pointing.

What’s not to like? Steel heels and go faster stripes.

Go Faster Racing Stiletto Sandals by Prada (Spring/Summer Shoe Collection 2012)

You can sort of imagine Cha Cha from “Grease” throwing her head back and thrusting her impressive bosom forwards wearing a pair of these heels.

Image Credit: The Stir

Every woman has a place in her wardrobe for bad girl clothes and shoes – if you are my age, Cha Cha might be one of  the bad girls that you aspired to be.

I have a bunch of steel heeled stilettos that Annette Charles (who died last year age 63 from aggressive cancer) would probably have loved to kick Sandy off the dance floor with.

Here are a couple of representative examples:

Sachi Steel Heeled Stiletto Strappy Sandals

Who is your bad girl shoes/style inspiration?

Black Cotton Sundress worn by me & freaky realistic talking cat toy attached to the Minx| both gifted by the lovely LG (Minx's godmother). Stilettos by Faith London

Trainspotting Details

Shoe Saves 68 and 69 of 105 – Sachi and Faith Steel Heeled Stilettos

Number of Days Left in Which to Save Shoes: 37

Number of Shoes Left to Save: 36

7 thoughts on “In praise of steel heels & in loving memory of Cha Cha.

  1. The fire shoes are pretty cool. I’ve never seen those before. Sad to hear about Cha Cha. But she would be proud that part of her legacy lives on through you.
    As for Greese, I used to think I was a lot like Sandy. But now I realize I’m really Rizzo.

  2. I remember a physics teacher in the early 70’s, told the story of ‘Suzy’ the air hostess who while on a flight at about 35,000 feet, paraded around the cabin in her brand new stiletto heels.

    He claimed Suzy was at the rear of the aircraft when one of the stiletto heels punctured the flooring. The sudden de pressurization blew the tail off the aircraft and it plummeted to earth with all lives lost.

    He told it so seriously you could not tell whether it was fact or fiction. All I remember thinking was, how sharp are those stiletto heels!

  3. You will make it! Still abe to save all your amazing shoes, like these ones you wore now!
    I love old movies, I stated as one of my “characteristics”! I really like the ones your son likes!
    As for Grease, I watched it too; well, I watch mvies from 1939, let alone Grease then!
    But is her bosom impressive? I felt as a compliment, cause I think mine is bigger! (And I had a reduction 10 years ago. Absolutely necessary, my back ached so much and it was not for my height or body.) As I didn’t think of it as cosmetic, but as for health reasons, I asked the doctor to preserve my identity. Really small would make me feel not like myself, so I asked him to respect size, just to “take what is absolutely necessary to be healthy and to free me from the back pain”. He was great!
    Mmhhh… as for a bad girl… I think of Barbarella then!

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