Hot Cold Summer

Sydney summer weather absolutely and completely does my nut in.

Two days ago, my husband and I were gasping for air down at Como pool in 35 degree heat with the Noisy Boy jumping in and out of the water with loud abandon.

The weans, like dogs, don't care how cold the water is.

Today my husband was in a fleece and i was back to wearing my transeasonal leather jacket. It was 20 degrees.

There is some meteorological reason why the weather is being weird. I reckon it is a big plot to make Scottish migrants look like numpties.

This has happened to me many, many times – the first few balmy days of spring I have bunged on a linen shirt and skirt only to find winds from the Antarctic wheeching up my skirt.  Otherwise I have been wearing a leather skirt and boots on a day that climbs to 29 degrees. “Bloody tourist” I  have heard locals mutter under their breath as I squelch or shiver past them.

I could see today that I’d made the wrong wardrobe decision again.

People don’t wear pseudo cowboy boots to the pool in these parts apparently.

The Important Stuff:

Shoe Save 67 of 105   Wittner Western Styled Knee boots

Number of Days Left in Which to Save Shoes:  39

Number of Shoes Left to Save:  38

6 thoughts on “Hot Cold Summer

  1. We clearly DO need a carbon tax and global warming DOES exist. Very weird weather. Yesterday an oven. Today a fridge.

    I wouldn’t say you’re a noob, but we Brits do like to talk about the weather, don’t we? Old habits die hard. Like accents.

  2. I’m so glad your saved these boots, because they are fantastic! (I love boots, by the way!)
    It’s the same here, and I came for these holidays prepared for that: 37 degrees one day, the next 21, then 20, finally 17. The fourth day back to 35 degrees again, and oh my, it’s always the same.
    I also loved your cherry perspex heels sandals! Really lovely!
    Enjoy your weekend with more saved shoes!!!!

    • It’s like that up there too? Good grief.

      Mind you, it does make it possible to save boots and shoes and sandals all in the one season. That can’t be bad.

      Thought that the boots would appeal to you – we could easily swap wardrobes I reckon and be quite happy.

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