Life is better than death because it has fresh peaches in it it

Russell & Bromley Perspex Heels with Added Cherries coz life ain't always a bowl of them

 The last week or so has been full of delicious food including the most amazing steak pie that my husband made yesterday. He won’t go into the recipe, he was listening to music while cooking and went into the Zone.

It was all good until I got on the scales this morning. Despite all my running and incidental exercise  over last week I *still* have 3 kilograms to lose to get back into my jeans.

According to Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges  you have to either shave 7000 calories off your weekly calorie consumption or  find a way to transform the 7000 calories into energy to convert 1 kilogram of body fat into energy.  That means that I have to burn up 21,000 calories to shift these 3 kilograms. That’s a wee bit depressing.

I’ve set myself up a free exercise journal over at Fitday. According to the cute little Fitday calories burned calculator, I’ve managed to metabolise at least 750 calories running, strength training, practising yoga, walking and doing the housework today. No alcohol is the plan, it stops the liver working properly and this in turn inhibits weight loss apparently. I’m sitting here drinking a herbal tea and blogging instead of enjoying my usual wee goldie.

However, would I have preferred to have gone through Christmas not having enjoyed the wonderful food and wine? Nah.  That’s like saying that I regret the high heel wearing that has aggravated my bunion on and off during the years. Some things are worth suffering for.

Today though after the unexpected heat of the day on top of all that exercise I had a grumpy  word vomit on Twitter. Some of you were there with me while I barfed. For the rest of you, here is what I said:

Now this kind of self-pitying self-indulgent guff in their timeline puts many people off Twitter.  No doubt I’ve lost at least 10 followers by allowing myself to have a whinge.

Luckily my  longstanding Twitter followers are a supportive bunch.  They know that I’ve been dealing with the aftermath of having two people I have worked for in succession not pay me. They know I’ve been battling the ear infection from hell for the last two months. The non-paying people know who they are and they no doubt can wholly justify their decisions to themselves and sleep at night.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to.  However, I need to lose the anger as well as my extra 3 kilograms and move on.

Thanks  @KahleeRose @carolduncan @hazelblackberry @johncarneyau @shrydar and @Nicky_Lavigne for dragging me out from under the sofa.  A very special thanks to one  Twitter friend sent me  this direct message.

Sweetheart you can do this!! Treat this intervening period as a “sabbatical” where great learning took place!

And to another who said:

You are an explorer, sometimes the path gets bumpy 

We all go to the water for a reason, don’t we?

And now so to bed, after 3 herbal teas. Here’s to a decent night’s sleep and a near future with clear eyeballs, bump free thighs (very important for a shoe blogger) and a happy mind and liver.

The Gory Details:

66 of 105   Russell and Bromley Cherry Heels, the first pair of shoes that I ever blogged about.

Number of Days Left in Which to Save Shoes:  44

Number of Shoes Left to Save:  39

Running Soundtrack:  Jack Johnson “To The Sea”

4 thoughts on “Life is better than death because it has fresh peaches in it it

  1. When I’m feeling blue I ask my son for a cuddle. He has a habit – picked up from me I think – of patting my back while we hug. Does wonders to restore my sense of what is really important.

    2012 is already offering you challenges. You don’t strike me as the surrendering type. All will be well.

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