Bet Lynch Beachwear

Sand castle construction - Kurnell Beach

Mummy” says the Noisy Boy appearing suddenly at my side this morning. Well, I say that this is what he says but what I mean is:

MUMMY” booms the Noisy Boy at one of the decibels close to the top of his voice range. That’s quite a range let me tell you.

Yes darling?” I say holding onto random rattling decorative glass articles around me.

We’re going to the beach. You’ll need to get your beach clothes on“.

Notice that he doesn’t, unlike most Australian children, say “Mummy get your short and swimmers on“. He knows me better than that. I don’t wear shorts. Never have. Never will.  I like wearing frocks and heels. So that is what I wore to the beach today and pretty much every day that we visit the beach.

Roger Grinstead Silk Ruched Dress with Leopard Print Underdress| Paula Bahia Sandals - both from eBay. Hat thrifted. Photo Credit: The Noisy Boy aka The Phote-ogg-graffer (his pronunc.)

The Minx wore leopard print. My husband rolls his eyes and mutters about raising another Bet Lynch under his breath. I silently cheer and punch the air.

This is Bet Lynch (aka Julie Goodyear)

The Iconic Lady in Leopard Print herself

and this is the Minx modelling her Bet Lynch beachwear and a shade of zinc sunblock that invariably gets me a telling off from local grannies. “You should put sunscreen on that poor child” etc etc.

The Minx wears a Leopard Tee by Rock Your Baby. That's zinc cream not sunburn(TM) All rights reserved.

Personally I would rather see a bit more leopard print on the beach. I know that I am not alone because ‘leopard print’ is one of the top search engine terms used to find this blog after “Edwina Currie stockings” ‘young barbara windsor‘ and ‘jamie lee curtis breasts‘ and a couple of other ones too rude to mention anywhere other than here.

Kurnell Beach is fairly quiet – this could be due to the desalination plant and various other bits and bobs of industrial workings around the area. There is a beautiful park at Kurnell though  and it’s mostly populated by locals who are hoping you won’t mind if their dog jumps on you and then sniffs your bum while you’re sunbathing. Not many eyebrows are ever raised by high heels on the sand. This is, to me, as good as encouragement. Next week I might try thigh boots and a bikini.

There follows a selection of my Bet Lynch Beach Wear Collezione Spring/Summer 2011 – 2012

Red Silk Floral Dress - Oasis via| Red Strappy Stack Heeled Sandals - Nova (thrifted)

Hat from SVdeP, Dress SES, Gold Spring-o-lator Mules from eBay. Shoe Save 64 of 105

Paper Straw Hat (thrifted), Metalicus Dress, Bond-Eye Bikini, Belt from eBay, Stiletto Platform Sandals (v comfy) Andrea & Joen Shoe Save 65 of 105

Shoe Save Details as Follows:

62 of 105   Coral Paula Bahia Stiletto Sandals with Ankle Strap via
63 of 105 Red Patent Strappy Sandals with stacked heel from Novo  (thrifted)
64 of 105  Vintage Gold Spring-o-lator Mules from (US site) last worn here
65 of 105  Sandals by Andrea & Joen Shoes, Sydney.

Number of Days Left in Which to Save Shoes:  45

Number of Shoes Left to Save:  40

Paula Bahia Sandals brought to you via the magic of Instagram 🙂

3 thoughts on “Bet Lynch Beachwear

  1. Very very nice!

    What more inspiration do you need?

    You are now five days ahead of remaining shoes unless my maths is off….which it usually is!

  2. Happy new year! And again I loved your shoes! I don’t wear shorts either, I don’t like. I go to the beach kind of the same way you do! Skirts and heels, but wedges.
    The Minx looks so sweet, as usual! Leopard print is cool, I’m thinking of a bikini then… ! I’ll try to find it! Good inspiration!
    So, you still have time to save all your shoes! I’m crossing my fingers!!!

    • Shorts are only good for tall girls with long, slender legs I reckon Denise. With curves the shorts always bisect the thigh in weird places. Looking forward to seeing some of your beach outfits when the weather gets better up there.

      Here’s hoping I can do it and not have everyone lose interest in the meantime.

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