47 Days to Go

No doubt who wears the short trousers in our house really is there?

My very good friend Nomes took me for coffee and brunch today.

Coffee Heart by http://cafedov.com.au/

You’ve been blogging quite a lot recently”  she observed.

You may also have similarly observed this. I am on a mission. I have a shoe challenge to complete and a very limited time to complete it in. I also have 3 kilograms to lose and no one else to bore with my masochistic tales of running and  not consuming nice things other than you lot.

So here’s the deal. I have 47 days to wear and blog about 59 more pairs of shoes.

The Shoe Challenge rules include a direction to

wear every pair of shoes you own by the end of the challenge on February 14th, 2012.

After  14 February 2011 I have to either sell, sling  or donate the unblogged about pairs to charity.

How am I going to manage this task?” I asked my husband.

Just bung up a few pictures, write about the first thing that comes into your head and I’m sure that that will do just fine” he said.

Today’s shoes were not the best choice that I could have made for meeting Nomes for coffee. Cityrail trains were running to  a lazyarse holiday timetable (ie ten minutes late). Though I am often late, I really REALLY hate being late.  Nomes had kindly arranged to meet me at Cafe Dov in Potts Point, mere metres from Kings Cross Train Station. The tree roots are surprisingly hazardous round those parts especially when wearing platforms. So I sashayed as quickly as I could while trying not to fall over.

Suede Peeptoe Platform Ankle Bootees by Wittner Shoes

Before I got there  Nomes sent me an @reply on Twitter as follows:

I am very disappointed that she didn’t wear these.  They are bright red and smell of bubblegum. She’d have been fighting shoe fetishists off with sticks even at lunchtime.

Melissa Amazonas in Red, Shiny, Rubber

So seeing as I am hearing just writing about the first thing that pops into my head – the running is still going. Today’s soundtrack was pretty apt:

Girl it’s a long time when you’re running

Other Useful Things to Know – Shoe Save 59 of 105

Bootees:  Wittner via eBay (seller took the glass beads off)

When: 30 December 2011

Where:  Brunch with Nomes.

What with: Black & White Maxi skirt gifted by Kristen Obaid, black camisole from thrift.

4 thoughts on “47 Days to Go

  1. First I had nothing to do here. Now I have a lot, 3 days in a row. So I didn’t read the other posts before, just now!
    Anyway, I love all your pictures and stories! The golden shoes were (are!) amazing, these red Melissas too, and your black booties too!
    I hope you had lots of fun (I bet you did!)
    And I am crossing my fingers for you to save all your shoes!
    As for me, I will save the ones I have here; the ones who were shipped from Germany I judge as saved, cause it was a complicated situation, moving from and to 3 countries in a year (and the boxes still have to arrive, so… they’ll come in January, of course).
    Have a greeeeeeeat new year!!!!!!

  2. Wishing you the best of luck with this monumental challenge. Do the rules say you have to wear paired shoes in each picture? Two diff shoes with one shot might get you to your goal sooner but oh the decisions.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.
    L O

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