Deck the Portaloos

Christmas decorates the ordinary world in a way that children appreciate. They are used to most things in life being different and strange. To them turning our local park into a carolling concert ground was nothing extraordinary.

The portaloos were of particular interest but then I am coming to realise that my children are Aussies and are going to be much more au fait with outside toilets (and no soap therein) than I ever was.

The Minx has even taken to wearing…


Although I did catch her checking out thesefor a party mummy‘ in Wittners sale.

She is very safety conscious and said that she would have to be ‘very slow to walk in those shoes‘.

The safety consciousness is a great thing but it become a bit of a pain in the bum when she insisted on blowing out everyone’s candles at the Carol Service.

I wore a sensible pair of wedges and a leather jacket. It was cold and it is always good to set an example although being of sound British stock my children laugh in the face of cold.

Shoe Save 58 of 105 – Lipstick Wedges.

Incidentally, although I still hate thongs, I can now tolerate them thanks to Marshall & the Fro

4 thoughts on “Deck the Portaloos

  1. I’m sorry, but I have to stick up for the much maligned thong.

    The number of times they have saved my feet from molten bitumen, scorching concrete and fungal infections (tinea) in public shower facilities, cannot be calculated.

    Once I was complimented on my long straight toes by a lady in Bagshot, Surrey, during the winter of 1982. I was wearing my thongs at the time, indoors of course. I did venture out on one occasion in thongs and shorts to post a letter. My host thought it was quite funny. He informed me it was a rare sight to see at that time of year in Bagshot. It was during this stay I noticed everyone, well almost everyone, with exposed feet, had bent and twisted toes.

    I could only conclude it was due to a lifetime of encasing their feet in poor fitting shoes, in an attempt to keep their feet warm and dry and look normal. Mind you they had great shoes to hide their distorted feet!

    So yes, they may be unsightly and disliked, to a true shoe connoissuer but the thong does have a niche in protecting one’s feet in certain casual situations.

    Long live the thong! 🙂

    All the best for 2012!

    • You’ll not hear any dissent from me Sheeple Lib. Welcome to Law and Shoes by the way. You can wear thongs round here if you like as long as you are prepared to blog about ’em.

      Whereabouts are you in the US?

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