Running & the Restorative Power of a Spider Web Breadless Sandwich

A Tree Spider Web in Sydney - Edible, apparently. Not so sure about the spider

Being someone who tends towards extremes I decided to burn off the Christmas calories by going for  a Big Run this morning.

My alarm went off at 6.30 am.

At about 6.40 am my husband had managed to gently wake me by yelling “Is that your alarm ?” repeatedly. He may have had to yell of course when the whispering “wake up my beautiful darling wife – it’s jogging time” failed.

Odd though it may seem, I do own practical shoes and I managed to save two pairs of these today <blows proudly on fingernails>.

The first pair are RUNNING SHOES. Sadly although I can run in stilettos it’s not a terribly good idea to do so. K-Swiss Trainers are a better choice.

I chose my usual running soundtrack. By usual I mean the last running soundtrack that I ran to about 6 months ago. I hate running.

The iPod rebelled and autoselected this as my initial running track instead.

It worked. I listened to the rest of the album managed to keep running for an hour and I HATE running. Even Gary Glitter + TRex can’t do that for me at the moment.

The actual exercise bit is okay and fine. What I really find hard is running into and through tree spider webs. There is that horrible moment of face hugging stickiness followed by another five horrible minutes of checking for arachnids in one’s hair. The ideal thing is to sprint as possible in the vain hope that you will dislodge them torward velocity. According to scientists, you can ingest spider web silk with as much impunity as your own toe nails clippings. Good to know but I’d still rather not do so.

There’s no point telling me to avoid trees. Anywhere that involves open spaces around here seems to also feature a preponderance of trees.

On the way... spider web #1

Despite the spider web and small flying insect inhalation, the hilly bits and the views are genuinely worth the run.

Poulton Park, South Hurstville

The thing that  I cannot overcome is my loathing of running. I loathe running for many reasons. It makes me feel ungainly. What’s more, I really loathe having to tie double knots in my running shoe laces to stop them coming unravelled and trip me up.

There is no good reason why the laces can’t be covered over. I went cycling with my son later in the day with a pair of really old OverRock mountain biking shoes:

See flappy leather thing over the laces? That is a very good feature indeed and one that the manufacturers of running shoes should snaffle.

You can’t run in cycling shoes though. So until such time as OverRock do trainers, I shall be trying shoe lace shibari a la the Ladies over at Fit Sugar.

Rather than use this whole post have a whinge about functional footwear (and save ugly shoes), I really have to share the delight that my 7 year old son has experienced by progressing to Size 1 adult shoes. Seven Adult shoes sizes less than mine.

My wee boy is growing up.


Shoe Saves 56 and 57 of 105. K-Swiss Trainers & OverRock mountain bike shoes

8 thoughts on “Running & the Restorative Power of a Spider Web Breadless Sandwich

  1. You’ve now officially saved twice as many shoes as I own 😉 Congrats to the noisy boy (& to you for being so proactive). I’m starting with a BF percentage weigh in today 🙂

  2. You should read (if you already haven’t!) Murakami’s ‘What I Talk About When I Talk About Running’. Running can be an zen like, ecstatic experience or apocalyptic torture with every footfall. For me, music is the key. Design your playlist to fit the route – something uplifting for those uphills, steady beats for the long flat stretches. My iPod is filled with playlists with titles like ‘Around the Bay’, ‘Pounding the Pavement’ and ‘Over the Bridge’. The music I listen to is usually an eclectic mix with more than a bit of influence from eleven year old Miss Radley’s latest iTunes purchase but it works. For example:

    Around the Bay

    Lady Gaga : The Edge of Glory
    Guy Sebastian: Who’s that Girl
    Owl City; To the Sky
    Taio Cruz: Telling the World
    David Guetta/Usher: Without You
    David Guetta/ In the Club
    Pink: So What
    Katie Perry: Firework
    etc etc etc…

    This playlist has forty two songs and goes for two hours and forty minutes so it’s probably too short for one of your runs. 😉 Coincidentally, being of a similar UK vintage, I also have a smattering of 1970s pop hits on the lists.

    The Basic Law of Running:
    You always feel bloody terrible at the start and don’t want to do it.
    You always feel good at the end and were glad you did.

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