No Boxes Were Harmed in Writing this Post

What I should have done today:

– get up at 6.30 am
– gone for a run
– come home and done an hour of nerve cleansing yoga asanas and as much pranayama as it tooks to purge my Christmas food induced apana build up
– feng shui the shit out of my front room or at least fold up the small mountain of washing that has built up over the last few days.


Gold Stiletto Heeled Strappy Sandals by Gary Castles Sydney (thrifted)

What I did do:

– headed off to a friend’s house and ate more food

– fell asleep on her sofa while she, her husband and mine worked on one of those WhoDunnit jigsaw puzzles.

The weather is still sticky, necessitating handkerchief hems and frequently slurping of cold water.

All of this is sweating and drinking good for getting rid of the Christmas Day toxins.

If I can get my children to sleep tonight before 10 pm (these naps in the car on the way home are playing havoc with their bedtimes) I’ll be running tomorrow.

What have you been doing to get rid of the Day after Christmas blurg feeling?

Shoe Save 55 of 105

When?: Boxing Day – 26 December 2011

Worn With: Silk and satin Gasp Emanuella dress via eBay & Bond-Eye Australia Yellow Bikini underneath

5 thoughts on “No Boxes Were Harmed in Writing this Post

  1. I tell myself every day that I must go for a run. Then I sit down and eat something I know I should avoid. Bloody mince pies!

    I’ve drawn a line in the sand. I get back to Sydney on Thursday (from the Gold Coast) and shall be starting the post Christmas purge with runs around the bay (Iron Cove), some ‘Inferno’ dieting (courtesy of the Original Bootcamp) and lots and lots of grim determination.

    So that’s staring Thurday. Right now I’m going to look for another mince pie.

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