Golden Stilettos, Frankincense & Myrrh

Gold Snakeskin Icone Stacked Heel Stilettos.

It’s been a while since my husband cooked turkey for Christmas for over 20 years. “You don’t lose the knack” he tells me. I’ll take his word for it not least because here I am sitting at my keyboard drinking alcoholic drink without guilt at 12 noon, watching two happy peaceful children and trying not to stick to my chair. A Sydney Christmas is usually a hot and sticky one and this year is no exception. Notwithstanding the heat the smells from the kitchen are AMAZING.

This has been a very hard year in many ways. Some people who I cared for a great deal and trusted even more let me down in ways more horrible than I could have imagined. A fellow blogger who supported me through regular comments on Law and Shoes died far too quickly from liver cancer.

This has been a very good year in a lot of ways. I am finally on the road to doing something that I think I was born to do. My mum just received her third all clear mammogram since her cancer two years ago. My kids are turning into wonderful little human beings with the ability to surprise me with some of the quite raw insights that they share with me. My son on someone I worked for who hasn’t paid me said

“Mummy, does that mean that [Person’s name] is just keeping all their money for their family? That’s not very nice. [Person’s name] won’t have many friends doing that.”

Christmas is a good time for soaking up the wisdom of children and in return for helping to create the folklore of their own youth. There are little chunks of stories and memories from my past that I have acquired from my parents. Like a minstrel who (literally) can’t hold a tune, I doing my best to pass them on. My Christmas tradition of one present being opened before Christmas Mass then the remaining present openings taking place thereafter has been officially adopted.

The 7 year old seems to have created his own Christmas tradition by helping me to cho0se my outfit for 7 am Mass. He picked one of my Difficult Dresses.

Gasp by Emanuella satin wrap dress. Gold snakeskin stilettos by Icone.

The wrap part of the wrap dress takes a degree in origami to accomplish especially before coffee. It took me so long to wrap the dress in fact that the first fight of the morning erupted as the 7 year old tried to stop the Minx from unwrapping her first present.

It's never a good idea to come between a Minx and presents

Now all is well. The 7 year old is watching A Bridge Too Far on his own DVD player. The Minx is watching Shaun the Sheep on her DVD player and the telly simultaneously. Different episodes you should know.

John is still farting about lovingly with the turkey. He would like you all to know that he doesn’t use traditional stuffing becuase he dislikes the idea of putting meat inside poultry. Accordingly he uses citrus fruits, ginger nuts, seeds  and just a hint of chilli. It is all smelling quite amazing and someone is calling Monkey Bingo.

Have a wonderful Christmas Day wherever you are.  Forge your own traditions and let me know all about them below.

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5 thoughts on “Golden Stilettos, Frankincense & Myrrh

  1. I am slightly jealous when I think back to Christmas past when the children were young and all was exciting and adventurous.

    The Christmas Tree was always put up late and then seemed to stay up for almost the whole year before being felled and put away.

    This year it just didn’t make it out the box at all.

    That is not to say the children, who are young adults now and their lucky parents, didn’t enjoy the time together or the fine food and other trappings.

    I can only advise, soak up the tradition and enjoy while it lasts, for as we get older we long for the past.

    Your son did a fine job in assisting in the selection of shoes and dress for 7am Mass. As a result there would be some looking forward to seeing you at next years Christmas Day Mass, just to see what visual gifts you have for their attendance.

    How was the Chef’s turkey by the way? Yummy I bet!

    Merry Christmas and keep up the tradition you have established as there are so many distractions that seem to steal them away.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Thank you G and welcome to LawnandShoes.

      My dad still gets his Christmas decorations out every year. He treated us to a Skype tour of his house yesterday during which I spotted 4 christmas trees. Only two are full sized. He’ll need more to accomodate his sizeable Christmas decoration collection which grows exponentially every year.

      Seasons greetings to you too x

  2. Our tree didn’t come out this year either & preXmas day my marriage was pretty close to dissipating… but this side of Xmas I’ve found a little faith & hope & sparkles (I’m still mostly blinded by those awesome shoes!)
    Cheers to golden nuggets from the mouths of babes… And to a better 364 day countdown to *next* Christmas.
    PS That stuffing sounds amazeballz…
    Love xox

    • The stuffing and the gravy were spectacular. Mind you, my husband did spend a lot of time on them. About 6 hours all in all.

      He now wants to be rewarded by me blogging about Nigella Lawson (his other wife).

      I am happy for her to move in if she cooks and cleans up after herself.

  3. On Christmas Day I was in quite a contemplative mood too. Please forgive this [edited] repost of a Facebook update I made:

    ” I’ve been reflecting on the events of 2011 and recalling the many blessings and examples of good fortune that have come this year. My son earned a place at Sydney Grammar for 2012 and my daughter won a Eureka Award and was elected School Captain for her last year at Primary School. I am currently enjoying the first few weeks of long service leave (which does not end until April 26!!!) and have the time to relax and enjoy myself and contemplate a holiday in Europe early next year. My wife is looking forward to new work challenges and a new base in Darling Harbour. All my family are fortunate to have good health and I’m in relatively good physical shape for a man pushing fifty, despite a few minor middle-aged niggles. And I have a wonderful and eclectic bunch of friends at work, at Bootcamp and out and about ‘in the night’. You know who you are 😉

    Overshadowing these positive experiences has been the sudden loss of my friend Mark Fowler in August [Mark was a champion NSW Muay Thai Boxer from London and thirty-five years old who died suddenly after a fight]. In truth I did not know Mark much beyond our small 6am world of extreme exercise with the Original Bootcamp crew but his death has been a terrible blow. I have regretted the numerous occasions when I intended to be more sociable and pick-up the phone for a chat or organise some sort of get together but did nothing. I wish I’d gone to that last fight of his too. Mark was the kind of man who could make you laugh at 5.50 in the morning when it was freezing cold and pouring with rain. I think about him every day and I miss him. He was such a funny, open, friendly and lovable person. I send my heart out especially to his family. I know all the Fowler’s must feel the loss so much more than I can possibly imagine.

    It’s a hard lesson to learn but there is truth in the idea that it is an ill wind that blows no good. The loss of Mark has forged stronger bonds between the friends that knew him, connected friends that otherwise would never have met and lead to a lot of laughter and good cheer as we’ve gathered to celebrate his life. People that were strangers in the background in his Facebook pictures or incidental characters in anecdotes he told me are now connected with me too. Our group of 6am Bootcampers is, I believe, a closer group for having known, Mark. The surprise birthday dinner that flabbergasted me in November was just the kind of mischief he would have loved and I’m still grinning about that event and the kindness of all those who attended and sent good wishes. That meant a lot to me. And we should not forget the gifts of life Mark gave to the recipients of his organ donations. No doubt their families will be celebrating this Christmas as never before. Remember to support organ donation.

    Looking forward to 2012 I want to say that I am very grateful for good friendship, support, advice, humour and the people in my life. I may be too self-conscious to say anything about it most of the time but I wish I had said much more to Mark before he left. I guess we shouldn’t hold back. I love you all very much…

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ”

    Tradition: Remind your friends how much you love them.

    Sorry if this was slightly off topic…

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