The Entirely Unroyal but Still Really Quite Spectacular Wedding

Neil and Irene Watt - The beautiful couple

In my view, all wedding guest outfits should start with the shoes.

The bride can start with the dress – it is her prerogative. The guests should err on the side of fashion caution and direct their gaze down before working their way up.  The purpose is after all to look nice for the bride in her photos and not grab too much attention for yourself.

I decided to stick with my usual favourite shoe colour combination – black and white.

Guiseppe Zanotti Black and White Woven Sling backs

You can blame Erin over that the Shoe Love blog for me buying these shoes. Without her I would not have discovered Italian shoe designer Guiseppe Zanotti.  

Zanotti shoes go for crazy prices on eBay and are virtually impossible to find in Australia   I bought these on a moment of wild eBay US search returned happiness (free postage within the US to my HopShopGo address made owning them within my grasp). As soon as they arrived I wondered immediately where I would wear them.

Not long after I received a text from my friend Neil Watt, of Outlawyers, an ethics white knight and lover of vintage hats and clothing.

He was getting married to his gorgeous Russian girlfriend Irene.

From there on I had to find the rest of the outfit. I decided that I needed a hat:

And an Appropriate Dress:

Vintage Bill Blass Coat Dress via eBay, Friend via @MikeDJeremy on Twitter

I did think about opera length gloves but was pretty sure that these would attract Odd Looks.

Funnily enough  when I arrived I noticed that both the bride and the groom also started their wedding regalia from the feet up. Irene wore the most delicious pair of  cherry red patent leather sling backs.  Check out the fab heel protectors.

I have to get me some of these heel protectors thingies for my stilettos because I am fed up to the back teeth replacing two rubber tips because one has become detached in grass. I really think that there should be a discount given by the cobbler when you only lose one heel.

Luckily we had seats with a wonderful view so we didn’t have to walk very far and no heels were damaged in the course of this wedding.

The View

You could, of course, forget about wearing high heels and plump for a pair of sensible and elegant Florsheim pinstripe flats (like the groom)

As long as you ensure that you balance the shine of the shoes with a spectacular vintage hat… (the piece de resistance)

As I headed towards the canapes and bubbly I was aware that I had attracted the attention of a slender, handsome man. It turned out to be the suave and charming David Munn of Antons who dressed both the bride and the groom and who gave me some insights into wedding dressing. He complimented me on my vintage fully fashioned seamed stockings. I complimented him on knowing that they were fully fashioned vintage stockings. It was mutual outfit love folks.

The elegant and charming David Munn

David is not much impressed by the amount of flesh that was being displayed in general at weddings and at the races in Sydney. His view is that one should err on the side of formality in wedding guest outfits particularly rather than dress for a junket on a cruise ship. I tend to agree because the day is all about the bride. It is a stressful day for her making sure not only that she is dressed to kill but that all the guests relax and have a ball.

Which we did.

Shoe Save #53 of 105


5 thoughts on “The Entirely Unroyal but Still Really Quite Spectacular Wedding

  1. This is so great! The whole post, so many amaaaaaaaaazing shoes! Your shoes were divine, but you know I love red and the red shoes of the bride were fabulous too!
    I loved the woven work of yours and being GZ, wow, congratulations! Dress and hat, simply gorgeus! You looked radiant!
    The bride’s dress is so sweet! I will be inspired by her, for sure! I really loved it!
    So, after so beautiful images, I now wish you a Merry Christmas and I am looking forward to new amazing posts!

  2. Well written, well photographed, well done!

    What a great lead into Christmas and New Year celebrations.

    Don’t ever become so busy you neglect this great contribution to the enjoyment of so many!

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