Take a long spin to the coast in an Indian Truck?

Dolly Turquoise and Leopard Print Stiletto Strappy Sandals by J Vincent

Exams are never much fun are they?

Here I am at the ripe old age of mumphly burffle meep having sat and passed at least 400 plus exams and I am still a big fearty about the whole thing.

About the time that I was finishing off the Colour In Dare   I also decided to start studying to sit my teacher training exams in yoga, pilates reformer and pilates mat.

Studying for these exams involves swotting up on a number of things including learning a lot of odds and ends of anatomy.

My mum, who is a shiatsu practitioner, bought some useful anatomy text books with big writing and lots pictures for me including this one:

The Muscle Book - by Paul Blakey is easy to read on the train.

The Muscle Book is great because it almost makes the words sternocleidomastoid, tensor fascia lata and flexor hallucis longus trip off my tongue.

As an ex-lawyer I have always been strangely comforted by long legal words and complex documents. Give me a 25 page document in 10 point font, a mug of tea and some good music and I can decipher and explain the contents to you in under an hour. It’s a sort of linguistic sleight of hand the ability to find sense in amongst the heretofore and notwithstanding the foregoings.  Surprising that anatomy terminology with its crazy words that attach to deep muscles that attach to different parts of the spine are driving me completely bonkers at the moment.

There are three different parts of the spine and each of those parts has three separate parts. Like some species of linguistic vertebrae-c Russian dolls.

The Russian doll looks a bit like this:

My friend Stacey gave me an easy way to remember the sequence of the erector spinae muscles:

“Just think of taking a longissimus spinalis to the (ilio)coAst(alis)” she says.

Then she started going on about spinning caps and lumber jacks to remember all the other bits. I nodded and tried to panic as inobstrusively as possible. I hate memorising things – if I can’t absorb knowledge and then apply it I feel like I am cheating or something.

I’ve always had problems remembering muscles even though I can find them with my fingers. From my mum I have also received another gift that helps me to do this – a kind of kinesthetic sixth sense. When I touch someone I can pretty much always find the areas of pain or tension in their bodies. Sometimes I touch people and realise right away that I need to back away and point them towards a doctor. Sometimes I can hold a tense point on their bodies and feel energy pulse and push past it. I can’t see a lot of things with my woefully myopic eyes and very often I choose not to see things that are as obvious as neon lights on an ice cream cone to other people. My sense of touch and my sense of smell never fail me.

In the last few weeks my hearing has gone and this last week a terrible head cold has robbed me of my sense of smell. Holistic healers will tell you that a cold will often manifest as a result of mental congestion, too much going on and not knowing which way to turn.

It’s as if my mind doesn’t want to hear any more lies and broken promises.

If I can just get through this next month of exams I’ll reach some kind of breakthrough and manage to join up the kinesthetic and the linguistic chambers of my brain.

Maybe in doing so I can find the knowledge to learn how to heal some longstanding emotional wounds of my own.  The ones that lead to me making terrible decisions.

Meantime, of course, there will be colourful dresses and shoes because my eyes still want to be happy.

Colours:   A lot

Shoe Save: Number 52 of 105

Silk Dress worn Skirt by Diane Von Furstenberg & Silk Wrap via eBay plus leopard print sandals. My husband calls it my Indian Truck look

4 thoughts on “Take a long spin to the coast in an Indian Truck?

  1. I hope you feel fine soon! I didn’t know a cold would be the result of “mental confusion” or temporary (hopefully) confusion in life, if I understood it well… Right now, or maybe in the last 3 years, I am pretty much this way, and for a month I have a cold that comes and goes… and I feel very confused these days. You are not alone in making the wrong decisions, I am a especialist… but I hope you find the right way, that is very personal!
    I really hope so!

    • Good point Chrisen! Absolutely not. Someone gave me a rude very long acronym involved female body parts at the weekend for various nerve clusters. Luckily nothing we need to remember for our exams.

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