Rehabilitating Orange – Colour In Dare Day 5

I dunno about these orange shoes. This may be the last time that I save them.

The reason primarily for doing so was the Colour In Dare and nothing is much brighter than orange.

My dad hates the colour orange – won’t grow orange flowers in the garden. He used to tell me about the time that the livery of the Glasgow Corporation buses from green, gold and white:

to the orange of the Strathclyde Buses because someone or other had complained that the ‘Catholic colours’ had been around too long.

Orange is a colour that screams sectarianism to anyone like me from the West Coast of Scotland.

Strathclyde "Red" Buses Image Copyright

Since leaving Scotland and sectarianism behind, I have tried to incorporate a bit of orange back into my wardrobe but this particular shade still makes me feel uncomfortable.

Generally to repair my confidence in the colour by watching the Orange Tango man Adverts

because these shoes are very easy to get up to vertical from a seated position.

Top - One Teaspoon| Silk Wide Leg Pants - Akira Isogawa|Orange Shoes - XOXO

Colours:   Aqua, red, yellow, blue and orange

Shoe Save: Number 51 of 105

Are there any colours that make you uncomfortable when you wear them? Why?

8 thoughts on “Rehabilitating Orange – Colour In Dare Day 5

  1. There’s something odd about those shoes, and not just the colour. By the way, I couldn’t run the video–not available in ‘your country’ due to copyright laws.

  2. This challenge is brilliant! I never saw you so colorful and so sexy, so beautiful! Really, you should incorporate some colors from now on (I mean, even after the challenge) to your outfits, you look amazing!
    I love the complete outfit – top, necklace, shoes of coooourse! You don’t want them anymore? 4.5 UK size here, but I normally have to buy 5 and many insoles. These shoes are so beautiful!
    I don’t know about me… mmmhhh, there was a time I didn’t feel comfortable wearing orange, and I don’t have many orange items, I confess. Yellow, the same. I was pretty much into black, so much that there was a Carnival party once and my parents wanted to take me there (I was 18… overprotected) and I was going to wear a black T-shirt. They looked at me and said “No way! Carnival and a black Tee? No way!” I understand, they meant it’s a lively party, who would wear black? Denise, the Crow, of course!
    Now I like to wear every color!
    You really look fabulous!

  3. That’s one of your sexiest photos yet! Love the silk top & pants… My not-quite-right colour is white because I hate how it makes my freckles stand out… But I still force myself to do it.

  4. I really should have answered the challenge: olive green, because my mother used to make comments about my sallow skin colouring. Actually, I’m wearing an olive green long-sleeved tee-shirt today. But I’m still not happy in that colour.

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