By the Peacock – Colour in Dare Day 4

Arthur Silver's Peacock Design for Liberty, London

My husband tells me that alchemists thought that the iridescent gleam of the peacock’s tail feathers (cauda pavonis) held the key to turning base metals into gold.

The tail feathers of the peacock are also a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. More importantly the tail feathers of the peacock are symbols that evoke strong sensory memories two of my favourite shopping meccas:

Prince’s Square in Glasgow (and the smell of handmade chocolates and leather goods)

and Liberty’s of London (redolent of lemon oil and tweed wool)

Liberty of London Store. Photo credit Copyright Vogue UK

This dress now smells of a perfume that I don’t normally wear.  In choosing it the peacock motif and green blue tones made me think of early summer, mojitos, lime soap.  Unfortunately the day on which I wore it was unseasonably hot. Being someone who exercises regularly, I sweat easily and profusely. To counter the niff I nicked a friend’s perfume atomiser. This is always a mistake as something that smells delicious on someone else will invariably smell like air freshener mixed with extract of possum pee on me.

Peacock Print Silk Seduce Dress via eBay| Fuschia pink silk scarf worn as a belt gifted by MammaTaz| Stiletto sandals by Boccaccini, Italy

I’ll handwash it with a dilution of eucalyptus oil to bring the freshness back.

Fuschia Pink & Silver Stiletto Sandals by Boccaccino

Shoe Save:  My husband rolled his eyes and walked away when he saw these Boccaccini fuschia pink suede and silver sandals but when Colour Dare Needs must –

Silver & Fuschia High Heeled Boccaccini Stiletto Sandals

Colours:   Green, blue and pink

Shoe Save: Number 50 of 105

Date:     Thursday 20 October 2011

Raison D’etre: Fox In Flats Colour in Dare

4 thoughts on “By the Peacock – Colour in Dare Day 4

  1. I don’t know what you are doing, but you look every day more beautiful!
    The colors: you really should keep on wearing some (not only black, although it’s beautiful) also after the challenge! You look gorgeous!
    What to say about the sandals??? Amazing! Sexy! I really like them!
    I read the post about the Union Jack, and I found red shoes simply gloooorious (my favorite color, what can I say? 🙂
    Looking forward to the outfit tomorrow!!!

  2. I love pink & peacock together!! Next time you visit my house I’ll show you how much…
    And I can’t wear perfume on my skin at all, I have to put it on my clothes or I make it smell like possum pee too! 🙂 x

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