The Saltire Compromised – Colour in Dare Day 3

The Inspiration for the Saltire/St Andrew's Cross/Scottish Flag Photo Credit: Scotland Here and Now

As a Scottish person I should have stopped at the wearing blue and white today without the addition of these:

Urban Sole Red Leather Criss Cross Stilettos| DVB White Jeans

The Saltire (or St Andrews Cross) is the Scottish flag.  Scottish people bitterly object to the additional colours and stripes that turn the Saltire into the Union Jack namely the St George’s Cross

The St George Cross. Photo credit: Daily Telegraph

and the St Patrick’s Cross.

St Patrick's Cross. Image credit Flag Net

Since I am half American and half Scottish, I do not feel that wearing red, white and blue turns me into a Saltire antagonist particularly as I don’t look much like a flag.  As I write this I am looking around sheepishly for the ferociously patriotic Scott Rhodie of Kilt for Hire to remonstrate with me.

Then there is the sound of my Scottish Nationalist gran having a go at me from beyond the grave when I cast my beady little shoe obsessed eyes on the following Union shoes:

8 Hole Dr Martens Union Jack boots

Irregular Choice Union Jack Patty pumps (vegan friendly)

and last but not least:

Alexander McQueen Patent Leather Stiletto Ankle Boots. Credit: Net A Porter

Blue Sequinned Top from the always reliable US eBay seller Tamar's Treasures| Belt: Witchery| Jeans DVB from| Red Stilettos from eBay

Colours: Blue and Red (on white which doesn’t count).

Shoe Save:  Number 49 of 105 (Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge 2011)

Date:  Wednesday 19 October 2011

Worn for:  Fox in Flats’ Wear more than 2 Colours a Day Dare





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