Green grass and yellow icecream – Colour In Dare Day 2

Have you ever noticed how easily the natural world can mix bright colours?

How effortlessly yellow is a yellow rose?

Taking naturally occurring colour combinations into the world of the fashion colour dare is quite appealing.  I once had a acid green skirt that was the neon side of natural.  I loved it more than anyone else could understand why. To me it was the black sheep of the colour family – too garish to be loved.

In honour of that skirt I chose the brightest colours that I could today to give voice to a pair of green shoes that would no doubt otherwise have been matched with a black dress.

Yellow, pink & green shirt by Biba|Green silk dress by Seduce| Green satin peep toes by I Love Billy

The last time that I wore these green shoes was for Christmas in an ironic sort of way.

It is a wee bit hard for me to write this week. I lost a friend. When I say lost, I mean it in the most euphemistic way possible.  Lost means taken by cancer, death and however many horsemen of the apocalypse it takes to uplift a soul. My mum recovered from cancer – due to a positive mindset, sheer iron will – 2 years ago. I wrongly assumed that my friend would too.

We forge friendships in the virtual world that spill over into the real world.  It is as if a book is coming to life when we meet these online companions and fellow bloggers. Losing a blogger friend while the virtual ink is still wet on that person’s comments is scary.

So my dear Ozchewinggum, this post is for you. Much love and stop curling your lip.

As Oscar Wilde wrote

For us there is only one season, the season of sorrow. The very sun and moon seem taken from us. Outside, the day may be blue and gold, but the light that creeps down through the thickly-muffled glass of the small iron-barred window beneath which one sits is grey and niggard. It is always twilight in one’s cell, as it is always twilight in one’s heart.

Green satin peeptoe shoes by I Love Billy

No gray or black here.

Colours worn: Green. more green, yellow and pink.


Fox in Flats Dress Challenge – Wear 2 or more colours a day challenge.

4 thoughts on “Green grass and yellow icecream – Colour In Dare Day 2

    • Thank you Anna. I think my friend would have approved of the loud shirt. He would then have corrected my grammar. He is the only one who ever has. Who will do that now that he has gone?

  1. Oh, I’m really so sorry, really really so sorry, not only empty words. But I’m glad you had this friend and still has, with good memories and support from both sides. The soul of a friend will always be with you, believe me. I know it seems only “stupid words” to ease your sorrow, but believe me, I truly understand what you feel now.
    I’m glad your mum overcame cancer, mine didn’t. She wasn’t such a “warrior” and she simply accepted it. My parents were so different. My dad had heart problems, but he lived for more than a decade after an operation, solely because of his way to see life – always laughing, always positive. His doctor said that that was his secret. Amazing.
    About your outfit – I loooved the shirt and the shoes are fantastic – faaaaantastic! When you don’t want them anymore, I wear 4.5 🙂
    Hope you are fine… it takes time to accept what is not acceptable at all… I know you understand me.

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