Looking on the bright side – Dare of the Week Colour In (Day 1)

Psychologists will tell you that people like me who prefer to wear black are people who like to create a barrier between themselves and the outside world. By revealing the bare minimum about myself I can protect my emotions, my feelings and my vulnerabilities.

So this week when I read Fox in Flats’ latest fashion challenge, I could feel my usual mask of confidence slipping.

I’m daring you to add at least two different colours to your outfit everyday for a week, and for these to be the feature of your outfit.

So how did I deal with Day 1? By adding colour onto a black background. Baby steps people, baby steps

Does taking photos inside bright things count?

Michael Hoban North Beach turquoise leather vest top - laces up the front, zips up the back. You'll need someone dextrous to help you.

The only way that I feel comfortable with a lot of colour is if that colour is enscapsulated in leather.

The other fabric that holds colour well is silk – this mini skirt is literally so mini that you need to wear the kind of tights that some people of my acquaintance would object to.

Handcrafted silk flower skirt/pelmet via eBay

Coloured shoe are a bit more difficult. My idea of colour in shoes is – red.

These are the Dangerous Shoes. Luckily I was not the person doing dangerous things therein.

Since Day 1 (Monday 17 October 2011) I have managed to gird up my colour loins somewhat.

Main Colours Worn:  Turquoise/Blue/Red

Tomorrow – my green grass and yellow ice cream ensemble…. To be continued.

4 thoughts on “Looking on the bright side – Dare of the Week Colour In (Day 1)

  1. You always look so amazing – I guess that it’s the positive aura you transmit, the positive vibes one can feel through your writing and life in general, in fact! Plus, you are beautiful inside and outside!
    So these pics are now fantastic, being my favorite the one with the orange “net” or whatever it’s called, and the second favorite the red shoes one, of course (it’s my my favorite color!!!)
    It’s true, I normally see you wearing black. But look, there was a time when black was my favorite color (I still love it), and I used to wear black from head to toe for months and months, EVERYDAY. So much that a colleague of mine nicknamed me “The Crow”.
    Along the years, I naturally started wearing other colors and now people look at me and say “ah, you prefer bright colors”. I have to laugh a bit, thinking of how much it changed, from wearing only black and being “the Crow” to the other perception “Denise, only bright colors”. Interesting.
    Take a look, yesterday I was wearing mustard!!!! Together with pink and dark green!!!! I really don’t know how I got to that… 🙂
    I’m looking forward to seeing your next color combination!
    Ah, about baking… I love it, but I need to feel completely at home to do it… it’ll take some time… but I’ll let you know!

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